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  1. What quote was that when he punches the Avo the first time?
  2. EBAY! Amazon! EBAY! lol... second hand from a game store???

    Forest Café

    says it for anything with the turbine
  4. it would be such a trip if you had to take your navcard to bo1 and do something with it then return to bo2. I highly doubt they would get that crazy elaborate, but that would be intense! lol
  5. just email it to me... received ;)
  6. Along the Maxis side of things: a trichotomous/scalene/obtuse/circumscribed/pyarmid shape, not a far stretch from the treyarch symbol. This meets all of the criteria. After the lamps connect to the pylon, maybe they connect to each other to form the circumscribed portion. RUSH 2112, Misty's hat 2112, RUSh (Rusman), pentagram meaning evil could coincide with Rusman being evil, "stop rus" Let me know what you guys think, anyone tested? any ideas? You may have to right click and save/open in new tab to view full pics, sorry about that!
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