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  1. Lmao, clearly like the only map we aren't talking about lol funnnnnny guy ovaaaa heeeeeeeer
  2. No worries bro. Do you think you could explain what you saying in more detail because I am not sure I fully understand your opening strategy. The reason I say don't take tramp parts is because if you pick up a key you have to drop your tramp part and if you drop the tramp part in that hallway then you can never get it back once you leave. In regard to this, Then, the group could return, when convenient, fling over to the hall and grab all four keys. It makes sense and is logical but everyone is always off doing their own thing and crawlers die and player 3 is dead, so he d
  3. Agreed....hopefully you don't need to worry about your friends quitting out though lol...this info was def kinda geared more towards when you are playing with randoms and don't want them to quit. But yea lol, def play with friends when you can.
  4. You might not care about the keys in the same way that I don't care about the SQUIL...however.... The SQUIL sucks imo. But the keys are for EVERYBODY. The SQUIL is for one person. If you want that gun then you can go ahead and build it but I ain't building shit. That gun is of 0 importantance to me. Whereas being trapped in the power room at round 25 because the crawler died out and now I need an elevator to come immediately so I can get outta that room...and if I can help 3 of my teammates escape that sitution by making them pickup a key even if there is no value to the key unless the
  5. Hmm...maybe I didn't explain what I meant. The starting room and that hallway with the keys are indeed some of the worst spots to be in the entire map....and if you read carefully...you would notice that I said you leave the starting room immediately...as in...you spend no time there...just get in the elevator without anyone having any parts for the Tramp. Elevator drops to the bottom. Look on the floor for the 4 keys, each player simply grabs one and then jumps over the gap and goes to the power room. I never said anything about sending anyone back up in the elevator, in f
  6. This is just my 2 cents and my opinion is no greater than anyone else's. Wasn't even really expecting anyone to respond. Not that it really matters but for starters, I think you guys read the scenario incorrectly... Its round 28, you have a crawler, player 4 is dead, player 3 has juggernog and a m1911 starting pistol player 2 has no juggernog and no useable weapon or has a useable weapon but no ammo...the point is you are player 1: If you have 4 perks, 3 pack a punched guns, 0 downs, and enough money to easily buy all 4 perks again and re-pack-a-punch a third gun.....Do you hold a g
  7. "I did not know you spawned at the White player. I knew the White player attracted the most zombies (if all players were equally apart from each other and the zombies), but not this." Lol, that is not exactly accurate and I should clarify to avoid any confusion. You only spawn on the white player IF the white player is ALIVE. It goes White, Blue, Yellow, Green. That is the order from top to bottom, white being on top. "If you're the White player, take note of your power in the game. It can be the reason a game lasts long or ends short." That is certainly true and it can a
  8. Ok, first off, if someone is a quitter than they are a quitter and there is nothing you can do about it and your game is going to be ruined. Sorry. However, there is something you can do to help increase the chance that your game will not be ruined by someone quitting if you do one thing. Pay attention to what color the dead players are going to spawn on and then have that player be in the right place when the next round starts. Here is a common scenario: It's round 24, you are doing great, fewest downs, most points. But two of your teammates have been dying at the beginning of
  9. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but I have been running into a lot of players who are unaware of this. When the game starts, nobody pick up any trampoline parts and instead just get in the elevator. Take it down, get out and all 4 players get pickup a key off the floor, also works in solo mode. Do NOT send the elevator back up to the starting room. Jump over the gap, buy the door for 750 and turn on the power. Get back to the quick revive elevator and take it back up to the starting room and pick up your trampoline part and drop the key in it's place. Remeber the
  10. "I bet when the next Map comes out, we'll get answers to questions(But no doubt more questions.) Everything will be right as rain. And we can say Fuck You to all those Riddle Posting, Fake Ass Trolls." You sweet sweet sweet innocent man with a heart of gold, my friend, fellow zombie killer, when the next Map comes out, the speculation will continue to be just as rampant. How could I ever know that information??? Because from Kino der toten and the famous ladder on the stage or the Giant Monster on the roof that you fight, Ascension, with the secret door, The AK47 being in
  11. Well thanks for the support guys, I appreciate it, I think if we can bring this to the attention of the right people on this forum, we can make something happen. It truly is out of hand. Very much agree with this statement: "lots of repeated theories and posts that no one seems to be actually trying" But to be clear, I don't want to stifle the ideas or voices of anyone in our community, I just think we should have a section where readers can go to just read the facts, the truth, things that have been confirmed by the community. Like, having one of your posts moved to the T
  12. I am so upset by this that here is just a really really quick and incomplete and probably somewhat inaccurate list of how I think the section should look, please feel free to modify, answer questions concisely and if there are side notes, put them below, especially feel free to add good questions, I think that is important, and every time we think of a good question, we can add it to the list and then people can stop making repetitive posts over and over and there wont be any trolls in that section either.... Ok, what if we don't know the answer to something? That's fine dude, then fo
  13. I've been trying to bring attention to this. Maybe, you find a second location to throw a monkey, and it talks to you again, and maybe you do it a 3rd tme...and the voice will give you some instruction or something. Maybe you launch the rocketship after you have found the 3 places to throw the monkey. maybe that window outside near the ak74u, the one with the hole in it, maybe you throw the 3rd monkey in there. In another topic, i read someone say that they got the monkey to talk to them again by throwing it near the opening in the roof where the black portrait is.
  14. Proof or it didn't happen...I totally hear that brother.....here ya go. Your soul is miiiiiine. Der Reise Monkey Throw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmSMtF206KQ Kino Monkey Throw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQVup0lrZuA Does anyone else see the similarities....or maybe thats just me and im out of my mind and crazy and insane for trying to link the monkey throw on der riese to the monkey throw on kino.
  15. Fair enough...but i will bet you my soul on a platter that if you throw a monkey in the furnace in Der Riese, samantha or some voice will talk to you, EXACTLY like the voice from Kino. Care to wager your soul vs my soul?
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