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  1. I thought it made perfect sense, whats not to get?
  2. Do you get to keep all your perks when you're downed?
  3. It does seem strange that Richtofen refers to it as the "Spire", seeing as how in Tranzit he always refered to it as the "Obelisk".
  4. All the qoutes about deja-vu and Maxis saying he's been searching for decades in tranzit makes more sense now. They were probably trying to activate that tower in Green run for years before they finally got it done.
  5. Just been thinking what the morse code could mean and why the orb of light will sometimes highlight them on the traffic light and Pylon. At first i thought it was Maxis trying to communicate while the power was on, but then i thought why would the orb highlight it even after you've done either EE. Also the orb will only show up after you've turned on the power and released the Avogadro. And the message "stay close to me", since we can't exactly stay close to Maxis or Richtofen i couldn't think of anyone else it could mean. and since the Avogadro was trapped in the Power station it might've had a way to control the power to the traffic light and pylon. And also the message "Go to the light", Im thinking it maybe trying to get us to lead it somewhere and im thinking that place is the Mystery box (the big light it shoots into the sky).Seeing as that also occasionally gets the orb to come out of it aswell. Has anyone tried to lure it next to the box and get the orb to come out of the box while The Avogadro is next to it?
  6. If you ever get host migration during a game and it chooses you as the host, it's best to just leave the game because it seems to drastically increase your chance of freezing up. About 9 times out of 10 if i was chosen as host i would freeze up about 2 minutes later, but since i started leaving after host migration i haven't had a freeze for nearly a week now.
  7. Honestly im thinking we've done all we can for now, even Richtofen has quotes about the nav card yet a way to activate it still hasn't been found. And im starting to think the orbs on the tower and traffic light are just pointing out the morse codes. I think in the next DLC we'll be playing as new characters but like in Ascension we might hear quotes from the characters in green run and something we do in the next map will have an effect on Green run.
  8. Who knows :? And god forbid Treyarch to shed some light on this, or anything involving zombies for that matter. I think they enjoy seeing us squirm.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... 09#t=1915s From that quote he says it sounds like he's been eating people.
  10. I think the box orb is just random because ive seen it with all the characters. Sometimes it can pop up on the first spin or it can take up to around 50k points to get it to show up. At least thats how it tends to work for me. Has anyone confirmed if the beams of light from the tower have appeared on PS3 yet?
  11. I've been thinking that maybe we've been using the jet gun wrong on things. since the heat comes out from the back of the jet gun maybe instead of aiming at stuff with the jet gun we might need to face our backs to things so we can use its flames to hit them. What things i have no idea but it might be something to think about.
  12. No problem. congratz on getting the orb up there anyway, only place i've ever seen it is in the box and it doesn't seem to do anything. Sometimes i think these orbs are just there to keep us occupied until DLC comes out :(
  13. It just seems to be part of Maxis's EE, i've heard it before when it was done with 2 people. I doubt a blue orb for richtofen would appear after doing a part of Maxis's EE, i could be wrong though. If possible could you get footage of the orb not there at first then appearing after you do these steps?
  14. Has anyone been able to debunk this yet? Cause if not i might try and get a group and try it tonight.
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