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  1. They need to fix these kinda bugs i would of been peeved if that happened to me on a high round :(
  2. Can any explain to me how I died here? I am using the Wonder weapon and get a chain attack and then check my achievment (the game pauses) cos im playing single player when i return i get hit by invisible stuff yet no enemies around me.. Its local too so there is no lag.. wtf?! MS_BmiX6Rxs
  3. there are 4 lion plates 1 in the room you start 1 down the escaltor when you go out of the starting room 1 near the bowie knife 1 near the nav card reader part (the bit where you jump down and isolate yourself)
  4. Hey People just wanted to help any new people out and also have a chance to get noticed AIgkqr_Oujo
  5. Ah i feel really bad about saying this but you were still firing the jetgun on your way down so you didnt fall down from such a height. with Tombstone your still firing the jet gun after you hit the peak without Tombstone you stop firing once you hit the peak... Sorry but your trying to troll
  6. Hey guys Ive been looking for a place to post my emblems, been trying to grow my channel as my subs is low so if you enjoy these please subscribe. I have loads more on my channel but these are a few of my favs pt_aGkvrWTw HwbTp2C2XaY Zk3Ae1pgyxU TggpqpGuxms
  7. i think he is referring to the sun/moon as in speaking from its point of view. "hey im still here". in the background on tranzit the moon is below the horizon. Ive seen it and its been proven in no clip vids. Clearly night time is programmed or ready to be used in tranzit.. but no one can figure it out. its so damn frustrating that i have stopped playing altogether now. (at least till im inspired to play again)
  8. Im not doubting that others can see the orb in the box but i will say that others may be able to see the box at other locations. unless there is video proof other characters can see this orb other than russman? if so im wrong and i apologise. Ah nevermind seems like other players can also access it.. okay that confuses me as my friend couldnt see the traffic lights orb even though he has done every tranzit game with me.. and he also has the blue eyes.. this is weird.
  9. If its any consolation. My Friend 'misty & sam' we both had blue eyes and yet he couldnt see the traffic lights orb. As for Russ I have managed to recreate getting the glowing orbs each time i start a new game as him.
  10. Okay first things first i have been watching these forums for a little over a week now and have been so interested in everyones thoughts & Theories. I have some thoughts of my own and i wanted to start acting on working out what was working in tranzit and what wasn't. Soooooo.... These Orbs around the Traffic lights.. Random? How do we turn them on? Who can see them? Why does it come out of the box? Where does it go? Some of these are simple to answer though what triggers these events is what im more interested in looking at for the time being. I have made a video with some sugge
  11. I have a similiar way of doing this but instead i attach myself to a zombie/denizen fleeing in the cornfield (rarely it happens) and then detatch so i am outside of the invisible barrier. Many places i can confirm there being nothing 'special' too ie its empty, nothing extra to go to. Bank = Empty (the lights you seeing is just a flat layer on the exterior of the building) Church = Has a lot of annoying barriers around the top but its still possible to clip though and again there is nothing but a light. nothing in the bottom of the church either. Moon building = Nothing, empty..
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