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  1. Being able to see thru walls makes perfect sense since the zombies always know where you are, they're never looking for you. Zombie vision has my vote.
  2. This sounds like JZs newest tweet. Possibly you are.
  3. Except he distinctly said DONT GO THERE FIRST. But I agree, I've scoured the bridge, unless the weight of the bus AND the mob of zombies caused a part to pop up, since it's already unstable. But I'm sure taking 24 zombies to a crumbling bridge while the bus is on it has already been tried. Right? TEDD says something about testing it's fortitude by continuing to drive over it. Meh.
  4. Sorry, I posted this here because I thought it may be just a Zombies issue, if not just a Tranzit issue, it's never happened to me anywhere else, though Zombies gets a majority of play and Tranzit gets a majority of that. Add in the fact that this is the only part of this forum I visit on a daily basis and it seems like a logical place to put it. Anyway I bet it got more replies here than it would've elsewhere and I've got some ideas to try, a laptop cooler thingee being the first I intend to try even though I'm not convinced its a hardware issue. But yeah, move it delete it whatever, do
  5. I'm so glad I discovered NDU in GR on my own without even knowing it was included. It's funny how it meant that much more to stumble upon it rather than reading about it and seeking it out. My girl's 9 year old is hardcore into Zombies and we were playing together when we found it, both running through the cornfields with crazy little beasts clawing at our eyes, we were not expecting to end up at NDU, or a prototype of it or whatever. Surprisingly, I realized what it was from the handful of times I had played BO1 with him before he did. "DUDE IT'S THAT PLACE FROM BLACK OPS!!" "Huh?"
  6. I picked Misty, though it was hard to not pick Russman. Misty's bangin and her voice is nice to listen to, and she has done gems. And she can't stand Stu, nor can I.
  7. The same sparkly globe that goes around the stop light at town and fall from the lamp posts after you do the EE right? Yeah, no one knows for sure what they mean.
  8. Great, the one person to finish the EE is illiterate. Just my luck.
  9. Butterflies. Don't suppose you could post a screenshot of this? You'll be take Lot more seriously if so. I get the globe of sparkles from the MB often, never seen butterflies.
  10. I think the burden of proof is on the poster, not us. I call BS. The obvious kind.
  11. This is like the fourth time today that my PS has froze up, I'm on Rd 26. Unfuckingbelievable. Every time it happens I have to turn it off, wait for it to reboot, it's fucking ridiculous. It's never froze up before. I'm usually the last one left in a game, EVERYONE else quits when they go down. I'm assuming my 1,000 kills don't count? WTF is up with this bullshit, am I the only one experiencing this? Is does it literally every day but 4 times in one day and it's still early, something has to be up here, it's been happening often but I'm pissed enough now to start a thread about it. Is there an
  12. Since I'm new to the storyline would anyone care to enlighten me? What is the room that is so famiar down in the PaP room behind a barricade?
  13. You failed at making that a link. If you care to edit it it'll prolly get viewed more.
  14. The guy I did the EE with had knife and went down a few times in Tranzit; exploring, bulking up bank acct, getting achievements... lost his knife. We played one game of Town/Survival immediately afterwards in an attempt to get it back and it worked. 2 players quit on us and we got to round 21, he had 835 kills and 1 down. So you can totally lose it. I saw my friend ClassyJazzy gain her shotguns, lose them and get em back all in one night. Also I've seen knife and shotties without blue eyes, often... so Welsh has some incorrect theories. It's a little disappointing that I will never have a
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