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  1. I'm not sure about the whole levels of perks but i too have experienced several green explosion unlock's in one game.. Too be honest I don't even know what the so called deadshot perk actually does, It certainly doesn't lock on to a zombies head when you ADS nor does it give you increased hip fire accuracy. (that's what deadshot does if your a total nub)
  2. I'm not sure where i'm going with this, All i know is.. I've not seen it, none of my friends has seen it, And I've not heard anyone on the PS3 say they've seen it.. Those beams of light seem to be none existent on the ps3.
  3. Has anyone on ps3 seen the beams of lights coming from the laundry mat door..?
  4. If there is anything to figure out... (I really hope there is btw)
  5. Woah buddy, you want an army of tweets ordering a developer to tell the secrets of their game? Cool story, bro. Nobody is making you play this game. Did you even read the tweet he is asking us for something and only a couple of people responded I said nothing about having an army of people demanding answers..
  6. That's the thing though mate.. What if there is no more secrets..? We're all just wasting our fucking time and there sat there laughing at us.
  7. That noise has huge significance guys.. Did none of you play [email protected] and hear that noise when you opened a barrier..?
  8. I've already retweeted.. please some of you guys go say something there is only me and 2 others that have even replied.. its doesn't exactly show we care when only 2 fucking people can be arsed responding does it..
  9. I've heard that noise loads in older cods when you clear debris and/or buy guns...
  10. Ok lads I've got one for you!! In this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQo6zDygkoI Spider activates the TV and it makes a noise as if he's just cleared some debris or bought a gun off the wall. This must have some significance! perhaps opened a secret passage somewhere on the map.... What do you guys think..? I've just asked jimmy about it. Probably not going to be getting a reply but worth a shot right lol
  11. I really hope Jimmy is going to give us a little confirmation.. I sent him several quite aggressive tweets just yesterday saying something like this... ''Look you!! people are spending a lot of time on this fucking easter egg a little statement from you saying there is more to the Green Run Tranzit map we have not found would be very much appreciated, just so we know we're not wasting out time.'' So hopefully he has listened and is going to spill the beans so to speak..
  12. If it is over WHAT A FUCKING JOKE.. I didn't bother with the easter egg for the 1st month because I thought the reward was not worth it.. Maybe I shouldn't of bothered at all..
  13. I think there is two heavy metal tunes and one dubstep tune.. I'm just looking for a little confirmation if anyone does know..?
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