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  1. i do believe it is a continuation to the easter egg as treyarch wont just leave us like that...i justed watched ur video about it and i sub'd.. GREAT FIND!
  2. nop when u finish it the game ends just like motd
  3. requirements 1.maxis drone 2.thunder gloves 3.all of the ultimate staffs 4.airstrike monkey step 1 1.Put the staffs in the robot's foot. lighting staff is put in the robot in the right. wind staff is put in the middle robot. ice staff is put in the left robot. and the fire staff is put infront of the crafting positions of the staffs right under pack-a-punch. step 2 you will have to wait beside the stamin up generators with some airstrike monkeys. Wait until one of ur friends enters the robots foot and throw the airstrike grenades on the ground right infront of the crashed plane.Then throw a maxis drone which will release a couple of big daddy's.So be ready for a tough fight. step 3 Now u need zombie blood.Look around at the sky and find the glowing plane then shoot it down.Then u need another zombie blood but u now have to look around the map for a weird looking zombie and kill it, it will drop a maxis drone. step 4 Go to the area below the pack-a-punch and kill the zombies that have white glowing hands by punching them with the thunder gloves,then they will drop an upgrade so pick it up,all of ur teammates need it.(IT MAKES THE THUNDER GLOVE MORE POWERFUL) step 5 Now place all of the staffs on their alters.Then kill the zombies.Something on the ceiling will charge up,it looks like the sky.After its charged up throw the maxis drone and you'll get the achievement but its not the last step,it will fly up into the tear in the sky.A teleporter will come down from the tear.enter it and YOU FINISH THE EASTER EGG.You'll die and the ending cut scene will play.
  4. Hey guys,Treyarch recently posted a picture hinting towards the cinematic intro thats going to be released today ! if u go to treyarch's twitter u can see it there.. Now if u look to the top right corner theres a crate or a table..(not sure what it is). and it has a faded 935 logo..now im not sure how group 935 is going to be involved in origins because i dont think it was actually founded during the world war 1 era..BUT if it was,Why would they even be there? :mrgreen:
  5. Hey guys, i have found something interesting in one of dempsey's quotes in kino der toten, he says :"killing zombies since 1945".Now origins takes place during world war 1 which is between 1914-1918.So how can dempsey kill the zombies before he actually started killing them the answer is time travel...But how do they look young?Maybe it just sends you back to that place and changes how you look during that time!?... Comment what you guys think! :D
  6. maybe they can be used as traps..killing the zombies
  7. i actually tried to compare the top right corner with the der riese loading screen but i had no match...
  8. i tried to go back to theater mode but apparently the film crashed so i couldnt find the game... and yea i agree its a glitch but WHO KNOWS :lol:
  9. So i was playing buried last night and i decided to pack-a-punch my paralyzer.As i left the house the ghost that chased me had glowing blue eyes,now i do not know if this is a glitch or an easter egg.comment what you think about it :)
  10. well i think everyone has different a different order so i cant really help you but u should try all the possible orders like trial and error :P
  11. richtofen's side of the easter egg step 1 : Build the Guillotine. parts: dish:(at the balcony in the saloon) wire:(at the gunsmith) crystal:(at the bank tunnels) antenna:(stables) step 2 : power the orbs Locations:tunnel beside quick revive and to the left of the church and to beside the candy shop and the last one is found once you exit the haunted house to ur left. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED THE PARALYZER TO COMPLETE THIS STEP. now shoot the orbs with the paralyzer until they turn white and you'll hear an indicator that tells you that they're powered up. step 3 : obtain the blue lantern. once you complete the previous step a blue lantern will spawn and fly around the map.You need to cook a grenade and have it explode beside it which will cause it to fall.Once it falls you should then go to the location it fell to and pick it up. step 4 : killing the ghosts. Have the lantern holder enter the haunted house.Then he needs to kill the ghosts when they are close to them,this will power up the lantern. step 5:placing the lantern on the symbol. head to the roof of the gunsmith building and place the lantern on the symbol. step 6:knifing the signs in the mines Once you figure out the codes head to the mines and knife the signs. IMPORTANT:YOU NEED VULTURE AID FOR THIS STEP. step 7 : killing zombies beside the Guillotine. kill the zombies until the wisp leaves the zombie to the crystal. step 8: time. place a time bomb beside the crystal and the orb then have all 4 players surround it and detonate it. step 9: find the switch. Now you have 2 minutes to find the bodies of russman,misty,samuel and marlton.The first 3 bodies you search will tell you that nothing was found.Once u search the last one it will say SWITCH WAS FOUND. step 10 : add the switch. now head to the Guillotine and add it to it. step 11: colored switches. Now head to the maze there will be 4 switches hit all 4 in different orders until all of them spark. step 12: making a wish. go to the fountain beside the church and press x to make a wish SQUARE IF ON PS3. Now targets will appear in the 4 areas of the map,you have to shoot them all.There are 19 in the saloon,22 at juggernog,23 at the mansion and 20 at the candy shop.Once u shoot the last one music will play,when it ends you'll get the achievement and all the perks. FACT:WHEN YOU GET ALL THE PERKS,IF U GO DOWN U WONT LOSE THEM YOUR WELCOME :lol:
  12. 1.after you drop down from the surface to the quick revive area.Turn right and you will find the teddy on the ground 2.After you enter the "buried city" head to the candy shop,you'll find the teddy sitting in one of the candy barrels. 3.The last one can be found in the haunted house.After you enter it head right to the double tap area.You'll find it in one of its corners. Activate them all and a song will play.
  13. potato

    buried "end game"

    yea sorry i was kinda late :geek:
  14. hey guys this is my first post on the forums and i hope it helps you people. As we know the buried easter egg or "end game" has put all in a state where we say: whats going to happen in the final dlc? well i think its going to depend on the sides you have chosen to complete the easter eggs on the previous maps...Now if you decide to complete the maxis easter egg on buried you will find a huge discovery which is maxis is actually evil.He actually says that he's going to destroy earth and kill all the survivors.So that leads us to the next map.Whats going to happen if he actually tries to kill everyone?, maybe the O4 come back to undo maxis's or richtofens plans. comment what you think :mrgreen:
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