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  1. i do believe it is a continuation to the easter egg as treyarch wont just leave us like that...i justed watched ur video about it and i sub'd.. GREAT FIND!
  2. nop when u finish it the game ends just like motd
  3. requirements 1.maxis drone 2.thunder gloves 3.all of the ultimate staffs 4.airstrike monkey step 1 1.Put the staffs in the robot's foot. lighting staff is put in the robot in the right. wind staff is put in the middle robot. ice staff is put in the left robot. and the fire staff is put infront of the crafting positions of the staffs right under pack-a-punch. step 2 you will have to wait beside the stamin up generators with some airstrike monkeys. Wait until one of ur friends enters the robots foot and throw the airstrike grenades on the ground right infront of the crashed plane.Then throw a maxis drone which will release a couple of big daddy's.So be ready for a tough fight. step 3 Now u need zombie blood.Look around at the sky and find the glowing plane then shoot it down.Then u need another zombie blood but u now have to look around the map for a weird looking zombie and kill it, it will drop a maxis drone. step 4 Go to the area below the pack-a-punch and kill the zombies that have white glowing hands by punching them with the thunder gloves,then they will drop an upgrade so pick it up,all of ur teammates need it.(IT MAKES THE THUNDER GLOVE MORE POWERFUL) step 5 Now place all of the staffs on their alters.Then kill the zombies.Something on the ceiling will charge up,it looks like the sky.After its charged up throw the maxis drone and you'll get the achievement but its not the last step,it will fly up into the tear in the sky.A teleporter will come down from the tear.enter it and YOU FINISH THE EASTER EGG.You'll die and the ending cut scene will play.
  4. Hey guys,Treyarch recently posted a picture hinting towards the cinematic intro thats going to be released today ! if u go to treyarch's twitter u can see it there.. Now if u look to the top right corner theres a crate or a table..(not sure what it is). and it has a faded 935 logo..now im not sure how group 935 is going to be involved in origins because i dont think it was actually founded during the world war 1 era..BUT if it was,Why would they even be there? :mrgreen:
  5. Hey guys, i have found something interesting in one of dempsey's quotes in kino der toten, he says :"killing zombies since 1945".Now origins takes place during world war 1 which is between 1914-1918.So how can dempsey kill the zombies before he actually started killing them the answer is time travel...But how do they look young?Maybe it just sends you back to that place and changes how you look during that time!?... Comment what you guys think! :D
  6. maybe they can be used as traps..killing the zombies
  7. die glocke was actually a nazi group mentioned in shi no numa which translates to in german as the bell i think
  8. well its actually really complicated because of time travel and all that stuff what i was saying is that der riese was used as a super soldier facility before everything happens then richtofen betrays maxis..now maxis uses it to make giant metal men..BUT its highly unexpected to have der riese as a map pack
  9. hey guys, so ive got another theory that might tease towards the next map and is related to der riese. If u check the description for der riese it says this :"The giant is rising.Face the might of the zombies in their heartland.This is where it all began.Is this where it all ends?" the last sentence got my attention RECENTLY. so now if u go back to the letter treyarch posted on their facebook nikolai says something about giant metal men.Possibly a new boss,BUT maybe der riese was a facility to CREATE those giant metal men by maxis to destroy richtofen?? commemt below what u thing (MrDalekJD did a video about this) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i79HWZXq ... 0KLlO06uCg
  10. So after treyarch posted the picture on twitter of the dev's working on something..i realized something importat.If u look closely onto the screen you can actually see Dr.maxiss' name and beside it is a date.. JAN 5 19.Now treyarch hid the last 2 digits of the years.So i went and did a research on that date and this is what i got. January 5, 1939: Adolf Hitler pressures Poland to return its principal port of Gdansk (called Danzig in German), a free state run by the Nazis under the auspices of the League of Nations, to Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler insists that the city will "sooner or later return to Germany." What do u guys think?
  11. its unexpected to give out 4 NEW MAPS for the last dlc as these maps take so much time to produce but they could be small maps like town and farm...
  12. if it wasnt fair...then why would treyarch put the waw maps in cod bo1 its what most people actually want as the map pack wasnt available to most of the world..
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