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  1. I tried who's who and won't waste money on it again. They could have done better than this for a new perk.
  2. I am pretty disappointed about the frame rate problem in zombies. When a hoard is killed off, the frame rate drops significantly. Its kind of crappy that a game engine this old hasn't been polished enough to fix this. It makes the game feel substandard. Thoughts?
  3. The pic with the knife through the ears caught my attention as soon as I started playing transit. I feel like I have seen the logo/mark on the knife somewhere before. Does anyone have any info on what it might be? Btw great post, awesome insight on everyone's part!
  4. As far as I know this is a glitch. One that treyarch desperately needs to fix. This has happened to myself and friends. We were not messing with the bus driver in any way. The whole bus itself seems buggy with more than one player aboard. I run whenever possible.
  5. I play online. I have noticed different looks to the steel barriers but didn't look to see what side was in or out. It doesn't matter how I do in my game either as I have been losing them 1-2 rounds after I get them. The only thing I have noticed is that I lose the deadshot/overkill when I don't get a head shot (ex. Knifing or chest shot). I am however actively trying for headshots and usually have the most or as many as anyone I play with during any giving game.
  6. First, please learn the English language. That being said , I couldn't agree more. Treyarch also needs to make lobbies dedicated to players with mics, make riding the bus less buggy, ans allow 2 players to start a public match without adding more players. .
  7. I have gotten more weapons than that with the orb, I think the box is still random but it has to come up for a reason.
  8. For those of you who have been nice enough to take the time to create maps of Green Run, please post them here so we can consolidate and have a post to refer to. Keep up the good work!
  9. I just had this crazy idea pop into my head. What if it is character dependant? Since only one character can hear richtofen (samuel?) Maybe that character needs to have richtofen's side complete while the other characters need the maxis side. Just a theory but had to get it out there.
  10. I like the idea of running though each possibility but it should be noted that it needs to be done with the maxis easter egg complete or the richtofen Easter egg complete, therefore doubling the possibilities. It can also be done with both Easter eggs having been completed by different players, again multiplying the possibilities. Then could be tried with, say 3 players with maxis side done and 1 with richtofen, thus multiplying the possibilities further. This could be a long road, but there is only one way to confirm or debunk the theory.
  11. I keep losing my perks. The only perk I am able to retain is quick revive. When I get deadshot/overkill or the steel barriers I lose them quickly, sometimes as soon as the very next round. Any answers or possible theories as to why they dissapear so quickly?
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