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  1. One of the Morse Code quotes say "Stay close to the light." Another says,"Energy can only be transformed." Could this mean that you have to kill zombies and convert their Element 115 to power the Traffic lights in town or maybe even the Traffic Lights and the lights at the Tower? Please help me confirm or prove me wrong. Thanks!
  2. This is a great find! Hopefully this will help pull some evidence for the next step! Thank you!
  3. In the video he linked it to he was talking about a piece he picked up off of the wall..
  4. Jimmy tweeted out on Twitter with an unforgettable quote for me. http://gyazo.com/1bfb3e9d9dc8ef1560d4eae1692273b6 "Commitment." This absolutely has something to do with the Church/Chapel. We need to figure it out ASAP!
  5. This is a very good observation. I'm going to look more in-depth on this!
  6. I'm glad this post has been looked over! There are a ton of great ideas and they are must tries this weekend!
  7. Way to pay attention guys! We will find it out sooner or later!
  8. Yeah, I saw that in a video earlier today.. I feel like it's going to lead to a fascinating discovery.
  9. Currently need a 4th player for the Tower of Babble trophy. The only requirements are Skype and Previously have built the Obelisk Table. Skype: TheOriginLife PSN: TheOriginLife
  10. I would just YouTube it because i'm actually unsure on how to do it.
  11. I was thinking about doing the exact same thing!
  12. I'm not currently sure what maps greif is played on, but if it's a map with PaP, you should EMP the PaP while they are pack-a-punching.. Ultimate Troll!
  13. All of these theories are really good. I guess now, we just need to test them. Hopefully somebody is caught up on the EE at its current state to try this!
  14. So most of us know about the random "Useless" church outside of the town. I've taken time and looked at it thoroughly and noticed the top of it is falling off and glowing. It just has a weird essence to it. I'm not currently caught up on the EE, so I figured one of you could test this for me. What if you took your Jet Gun and possibly blew the top of the church off? If you try this, post a reply of what happened or didn't happen. Thanks!
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