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    They never made any patch to "fix" quickscoping. Where you got that idea is beyond me. Holding your breath with the snipers in zombies has been terrible since day 1.
  2. VileSnipes

    Welp there goes my excitement....

    I'm just waiting for a trailer for BO2 where it just starts out with a completely black screen and suddenly we here Dempsey say "Were back Bitches!" or something along those lines. I don't care how they do it but it better be done! On topic, I don't care if the Die Rise trailer gets uploaded the same day it drops, I love the way Treyarch does zombies trailers. They are always entertaining and get me pumped to play. I always watch the Green Run trailer before I play Tranzit to get pumped since it's a bit of a let down (I still love i t though).
  3. VileSnipes

    Welp there goes my excitement....

    Kino had a trailer but they never officially released it until well after BO1 was out and sold to the public. Dead Ops really didn't need a trailer. Moons trailer was kinda the Call Of Duty Zombie Labs video considering that showed off the Wave Gun and effects of gravity and much more. Kino Der Toten trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt_aQ85IWUc
  4. VileSnipes

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    About those capsules, I like to think that those were failed GKNOVA6 Experiments that also got infused with E115 creating our beloved "Nova 6 crawlers" They are about the same size and to me this is what makes the most sense in explaining the capsules and the Nova 6 Zombies being at Kino.

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