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  1. New discovery in easter egg I was playing earlier and i found if you get monkeys out of the box and go into the blue back yard and throw a monkey out of bounds in between the fallout shelter and the house at the base of the giant clock you will see a flash of electricity like when the box spawns and hear giggling like when you teddy bear the box also if you look on the monkeys hat you will see the Group 935 symbol maybe its one of the symbols under the counter ?? super excited that i found this
  2. I Was Playing nuketown today and discovered something awesome a possible new step in the easter egg Get monkeys out of box and go into the blue back yard and throw a monkey out of bounds between the shelter and the house at the base of where the giant clock is broken and you will see a flash of electricity like the mystery box when it spawns and hear giggling like when the box teddy bears and if you look on the monkeys hat the group 935 symbol is there maybe this is one of the symbols under the counter ?? not sure but i am so excited about this
  3. Speaking of monkeys has anyone else besides me glitched the mystery box okay so timing is perfect on this one when you get a fire sale at the very end of it buy a weapon if done correctly the box will float up through the gun you purchased and the gun will also float away into the air causing there to be 2 mystery boxes on the map the glitched box can only be hit once but get this ive done this in 3 different games and each game i pulled monkeys out of the glitched box dont know if the glitch if it is a glitch will work if you already have monkeys or if pulling monkeys all 3 times was just coincedence just weird i guess but i definite heard giggling when i threw that monkey out of bounds so thats making me wonder if maybe thats part of the easter egg that would explain the obscene amount of fire sales you get on this map because it was the monkeys i pulled from the glitched box that i threw out of bounds that time i heard the giggling
  4. wouldnt that be so awesome if the bunker door was opened and there was a little green perk bottle floating inside and bam ALL PERKS !!!! :o
  5. The more i think about this the more it seems like this could be it think about it Why are the perks falling out of the mushroom cloud how did they get up there when the clock hits zero a perk falls and something else happened to me while playing and was wondering if it has happened to anyone else When you throw a monkey out of bounds does it always play the giggling sound like when the box teddy bears or was it because of the specific spot i threw it out of bounds
  6. Area 51 would make alot of sense seeing how this map Is so intertwined with Moon.And on the moon you start out in no mans land which as everyone knows is supposed to be area 51 The door to the bunker swings open you passthrough the teleporter and see an old familiar sight "Greetings from Groom Lake" Ill bet my balls there is an Epic Easter Egg here thats why its so hard to figure out.I just thought about something Remember the reward for completing the Moon Easter egg All 8 Perks Maybe there is a way to make more perks drop from the cloud there are for sure enough spots for more perks lets see 3 in the yellow back yard 1 up top 1 outside yellow 2 by blue out front 1 on garage and 2 in back yard of blue for a total of 9 perks and a pack-a-punch machine how many perks are in zombies that we know of so we know Jugg,speed cola,Dubtap,quick revive,mule kick,Phd flopper,deadshot,staminup,and the new perk tombstone for a grand total of you guessed it 9 perks !!! i think i might have stumbled upon something here tell me your thoughts or if i haved missed any perks
  7. I wonder if the Aliens from tranzit are linked to nuke town wouldnt it be awesome if you turned off the machine the cloud dissapears and bam there is a Giant space craft floating in the air in its place. the door swings open to the bunker and you walk into it and teleport onto the Craft and Badabing badaboom There sits a brand new WonderWeapon just ripe for the pickings maybe a little far fetched but hey i can dream cant I :lol:
  8. Maybe when the machine is turned off perhaps the door will open to bunker if you notice on the outro screen when the nuke is falling toward town the shelter door is open and there is no mushroom cloud coming from crater
  9. sry guys one thing i forgot to mention for the cloud machine to be turned off all perks would have to be dropped since the cloud is where they come from and i have gone as far as round 25 without the final perk dropping but never past 25
  10. As i was exploring nuketown zombies map i noticed a few things.I find that the small clocks scatter around are all set to the same time to the 3 and 0 positions if compared to the big clock and the wall clock above the fireplace in the yellow house both hands are set to the 0 position if compared to the big clock.Not sure if these are hints or what but interesting . another thing i noticed that was kind of strange is in the top of the yellow house there is a desk with a portrait of george washington on the wall there are two mannequins one sitting on the desk and one standing infront they are both facing toward the boarded up window but appear to be pointing at something again not sure if this has anything to do with a hint but still interesting none the less.And looking at the loading screen we see some sort of machine inside of a crater perhaps this machine is in the crater outside the map maybe this is the machine that marlton is referring to from inside the bunker.Because this mushroom cloud stays throughout the entire duration of the game my theory is the machine can be turned off making the cloud disappear perhaps by destroying all electrical components on the map dont know just speculating.I am sure there is a Big ole easter egg in our faces and another thing remember on BO1 where you had to have Shang-ra-la easter egg completed before you could get goldenrod on Moon for easter egg maybe you have to complete some other easter egg before you can unlock this one not really sure but one thing is This map is freakin awesome and to not have a really good easter egg on it would be a shame and a waste on Treyarchs end hope we can find it guys hope my findings help someone figure it out
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