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  1. Rhino, in extinction is either $1000, or $1300, why? I checked out 'not taking damage' and that's not it. I checked 'don't let him hit you at all', it's definitely not that. I thought maybe 30% extra for late game, but that's not it. The only thing left is critical kill, but why would they give you $1300 at the end of poc for a rhino that you never fought? The 'don't get hit' option makes the most sense, yet has been proven repeatedly to not be the case. So why the different amounts?

    1. 83457


      Ah, maybe difficulty level; they seem to vary from recruit level to veteran level. Maybe getting a hardened/veteran level Rhino gives more cashola...

    2. 83457


      To whomever cares, it does appear to be critical hits. I retested everything. I have no idea why they give you the $1300 for the last rhino of poc, but it is what it is.

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