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    The bar.

    Me too, but since there happens to be one in Town I thought it was worth looking into. As I said this isn't as crazy as those riddles or poems imo and you'll end up in town eventually anyway, why not double check things? It's where the jet gun is built, so it has some significance. Anyways it was just an idea, anyone who wants to look into it is free to, and anyone who doesn't is free to skip this over.
  2. NLjaan

    The bar.

    Jimmy's latest tweet. Some guy tweeted on the 21st "no end of the world. Now i'm going to the happiest place on earth." He replied "the bar." Now i could just be overthinking this, but, this could be a hint. Considering its posted on the 21st where most of us thought there would be happening something through an update or whatnot. Maybe this is his way of giving us a hint. Maybe there's something at the bar in Town, or maybe something that we need to do there. On the other hand it could just be a co-incidence, but i dont think this is any crazier or less worth checking out than all of the riddles and bullcrap. As i said i could be overthinking this so im not claiming i know anything more than you guys do, just thought it was worth checking out since he mentions the bar and there happens to be one in Town. Edit: the guy who tweeted the no end of the world tweet is the Tech Lead of zombies, flyinhaggis. Now this really could be something. I fucking hope it is.
  3. Also this tweet from _rez_ https://twitter.com/_rez_/status/281894901292085248 "twenty-one twelve five point one #rush" 21 - 12 - 5.1? EDIT: After looking around, it's this: http://surroundablog.blogs.com/surround ... u-ray.html It's about a Deluxe version on DVD with 5.1 Surround Sound. lol. Bummer..
  4. To me it could be that it means more or less something like, if he tells everything about the EE, which is what most of the community thinks it wants at this point, after we get it, after a while we might come to the conclusion that it was much better if we found it out ourselves..
  5. Came across this vid on the forums. WkQCKAph4Yw Anyone has seen this happen before? Looks pretty legit if you ask me.. It's not my video btw.
  6. False: No matter what triggers are used, the inside of the church would always be the same, they cant just trigger a complete change of the church's interior + add an enterance etc without it being REALLY obvious in the script The PAP room isn't visible until the turbine is placed AFAIK, there could be more places like this. Just saying.
  7. I got them to appear when we finished Richtofen's side, we were with 3 but me and one other threw the EMPs. We all got the trophy though. But same, sparkles coming out of the lampposts and beams shooting through the tower. Only had it appear in the same game we completed it though.. Now the tower is lit but I haven't seen any beams yet.. I've had the sparkles in the box twice each in a different game though.
  8. It was spam. http://community.activision.com/message ... #413741542
  9. http://community.activision.com/message ... #413741542 Troll(s).
  10. Richtofen says it too. "Good, you have accomplished much, but to activate the computer you must have the little NavCard thingy, which plugs into the computer thingy, don't worry your little brains as to how it works, just go find it!"
  11. No, it's just to get people to buy more season passes.
  12. I already made a checklist, you can find it here: viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25986
  13. I went there yesterday after trying to get under the bus when it crossed the bridge, there is nothing there.. I tried walking everywhere to see if I could pick up something, and I also crouched everywhere to see but there's nothing..
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