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  1. There are random numbers written in places? I had no idea... Reminds me of the number 242 someone mentioned was written in the cabin but I never checked it out.
  2. Prodigy - Illuminati I googled the lyrics Plus I have a feeling that whatever the next DLC does, it won't be too late to switch sides if you haven't.
  3. Woah..How did you find a Richtofen zombie?
  4. Yup, I mean if not a truth section we need to develop some kind of culture where posters test their own hypothesis rather than hope someone else will. Thinking up a logical theory or an out of the box suggestion doesn't make you brilliant. It's much more valuable to the community to make a post enlightening us about something new you discovered, rather than begging others to confirm it and then be proud of just thinking it up.
  5. So what's Treyarch trying to say about us when they gave Sam his penchant for meat? "You don't bite me! I bite you!" "This is making me hungry!"
  6. I like this theory, the real name of Misty is Abigail, Samanthas name is Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis. Coincidence? Naaaaah
  7. lol the PG&E, I was excited for it to be the IChing, since Terrence McKenna has studied the IChing and came to the conclusion that something will happen on December 21, 2012. The IChing and Mayan Calendar have nothing to do with eachother except for both mentioning that date. Would've been cool, but the PG&E does look just as convincing.
  8. For a more specific question, what exactly does noclip do? What does it reveal? What is it unable to reveal therefore still leaving a mystery?
  9. Someone explain this to me, so the hackers can see into the code or something like that to this game, what exactly do they find out? Is it just the audio files? As in every possible audio file? Or do they get to see the extent of the map and what's possible to traverse? Help me understand here, thanks.
  10. Woah this whole time there was a whole forum section waiting for me viewforum.php?f=103
  11. For those that love the theory talk, just find the act of strengthening imagination really fascinating and fun oh and just to get it out of the way I'm high too as I write this topic out Russman being Maxis, Alzheimers? Sam being a cannibal relating to him maybe being a zombie? Marlton researcher for Group 935? Misty's first name is Abigail like Maxxis Daughter? Russman as Maxis as the other guy that inspired this topic mentioned, maybe samantha did accidentaly say "dad?", maybe as some strange reincarnation separate from the voice oh what the just remembered Maxis is already that voice...hmmm Sam being cannibal? Richtofen controls the zombies, and communicates with the zombies only, that's his only power. Like how Maxis had the masterplan to destroy Earth because all Richtofen had was zombies? Richtofen clearly only had control of the zombies, thus communicating with Sam. Also him being a cannibal about meat, what else could it possibly mean? Cannibalism in a zombie game, come on. Sam is either an ex zombie or so, or he is influenced somehow from 115. Plus originally 115 was for controlling soldiers right? Also he's a conspiracy freak, so the 115 influenced in him may haven given him insights. Plus Samantha and her relation to Misty. How is Misty aka "Abigail" not connected to Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis? Maybe Abigail is that in the middle name meaning that Misty could be the mother aka wife of Maxis? Probably not because she would've said something upon hearing Maxis voice...damit I'm debunking them as I go on I don't think I've read a topic really thinking about why Treyarch used these characters specifically, can't just be some random thing
  12. Awesome stuff! Food for conspiracy... In the wikia of Nikolai, Richtofen and Nikolai do like each other and that Richtofen does mention vodka and kind of missing Nikolai. Also this is more important, from the wikia http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Nikolai_Belinski "Nikolai is an alcoholic and loves vodka; however, Richtofen suggests that the Element 115 used on him caused him to become an alcoholic." Okay I don't know where I'm going here now...115 was used on him meaning he's like a zombie meaning he's more like Sam than Russman given that Sam talks about eating people a lot.. no idea, more theory...If Misty is Tank, and Takeo is Marlton, is Russman Nikolai and is Richtofen Sam? I just went off right now
  13. Ragdo, I'd love to read what you came up with on the poster. That stuff in the top right looks suspicious...
  14. Not able to test things at the moment but it would be awesome if you could test it yourself. I imagine just play tranzit and load up on points and deposit it all in the bank. Afterwards you could load a custom game solo, take all the necessary steps to pap, withdraw all the money and get the milimeter scanner and get to millimeter scanning everything. Either the cheap pap and repap feature is put in for the easter egg, or it's just a cool thing they're giving us like the new double tap. Only one way to find out!
  15. Some of the little trivia stuff from the Wikia: Russman dislikes Marlton a lot, often mocking him by calling him "Darlington." He is fond of Samuel, who returns this sentiment. He knew Misty before the zombie apocalypse. He was homeless based on his appearance and personality. Russman refers to himself in the third person almost all the time. He wears a shoe on his right foot and a boot on his left. Russman has multiple diseases, one of which is Alzheimer's. He is the only playable character in Black Ops II Zombies not to have his full name revealed. Russman appears to be the oldest playable zombies character. He is the first African American who is a playable character in zombies. - Maybe the Alzheimer's thing and the forgetfulness is often a good surprise twist for stories like "oh wait I remember now..." Anyway just added that up there to feed the conspiracy theories
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