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  1. Did the robot crush it at any point? Nevermind, I did the math wrong cause I killed templar zombies while doing generator 4 inbetween rounds.
  2. This is a bit unrelated to the topic, but has anyone noticed that sometimes it takes more than 30 zombies to fill a chest? I've been playing solo lately and noticed that sometimes it takes 35 or even 40 kills instead of 30. I wonder if this is because the box slowly starts to reset itself if you're not fast enough killing zombies next to it? FYI, I did not kill during zombie blood.
  3. How is that unfair? You hadn't regenerated your health yet because you took fall damage. Could've avoided the down anyway if you had just run straight instead of going off to the right.
  4. You can start at any round.
  5. I'm pretty sure someone has to see him with zombie blood first before he's able to be killed. Once he's seen, though, anyone can kill him. Yeah claymores and "kaboom" should kill him, but that's not practical, just one charged staff shot will take him down. The zombie runs clockwise around the excavation site if you're facing the church, so run counter clockwise to find him quicker. I don't know if he's drawn to the monkey or not, but he's probably not. You shouldn't need more than 2 zombie bloods to get him, though. Use the free one at spawn to shoot the plane down with a good MG, then get the free one for the zombie when you put out the fire on the three carts with the ice staff. If you're quick enough, then you can probably just do it with one zombie blood.
  6. Yeah its hard at first, but after you learn the map and how to avoid all the various ways you can die it's actually pretty easy. if you have the upgraded staffs its almost impossible to get stuck on zombies while training. The only thing that will really fuck you up is the panzer, but an upgraded Mauser/Monkey bomb combo will kill him quick.
  7. On the unleash the horde step on the EE my friend like the pussy he is tried to sit on the tank to get them stuck, but instead got his ass fried lol. You don't even need to glitch on that step if you have an upgraded staff. It's so easy. Did he really think that they wouldn't patch such a major glitch? What a dummy.
  8. Just stay in the lobby you're put in. If you're looking for good players with mics play with friends. I hate it when the game countdown is at 1 and some asshole leaves. Players with bone ranks could just be someone who created a new account. Don't judge them so quick.
  9. Well that's freakin' gay... it basically cost us the game cause It's much easier to deal with panzers when the zombies are distracted... Just do what the doctor does: Run! I was being a noob and trying to circle them around the jugg area with zombies still spawning in. Sometimes I just panic when I see those things and don't act rationally.
  10. Well that's freakin' gay... it basically cost us the game cause It's much easier to deal with panzers when the zombies are distracted...
  11. I got monkey bombs and then sometime later I look at my inventory and they're not there. I never died and the only extra item I picked up was the shield.
  12. So I guess Treyarch had been planning this since Kino Der Toten? Or maybe they remembered the "toys" of the O4 in Sam's room and that inspired them to make that the explanation for everything, since the story had just become too complex and riddled with plot holes, but at the same time, I find it hard to believe that they would just settle for this cop-out after putting so much work into the story. It's funny cause I actually remember thinking years ago after seeing the O4 in Sam's room, "What if Sam is just using them as dolls for some kind of twisted game?"
  13. I know this has been said before, but it seriously baffles me how people believe that doing some random action after hitting the box will get you a good gun. Like, how fucking retarded are these people? Yeah, like the developers actually made it so if you spin around and shoot a certain number of times the box's odds will change. Give me a fucking break. I thought of this again because some guy told me on Ascension the other day that you'll get a better gun if you hit the box before turning the power on, because the game knows that you can't have perks so you're more likely to get downed. I said that no way Treyarch would do that because then you could easily get good guns right off the bat, which is too easy.
  14. Funny ≠ good written characters. (Russman's more funnier than the 04 together tbh) The problem with the 04 in the writing department was that they got to the point where they were just making silly 4th wall-breaking jokes every 2 seconds. (except for Takeo) The jokes got worse and worse and they even repeated jokes from previous maps. (disarmed the enemy, haha.) Of course the characters gotta be funny, but there has to be a line between how funny one can be, and how serious one should be about their surroundings/situation. Really? I didn't notice that many 4th wall-breaking jokes. I actually thought the writing stayed excellent throughout each map and they worked hard to not have too many repeat quotes. I also really enjoyed the "Five" characters. It's too bad that that will probably be the only map they ever appear in. About the seriousness of the characters, pretty much every character in zombies ever has been non-serious and goofy about the situation, except for the MOTD characters.
  15. This. They were actually fine characters, much better written than the O4. Furthermore Treyarch 'killing the N4' just to bring back the O4 because "we" don't like the N4 seems illogical. As any good writer will tell you once you've established a good cast of characters that people love and can relate to, as soon as you replace them with a completely different set of new characters, people will always get pissed off. Treyarch knew this and still went with it, I'm sure they won't switch back to the O4 'just because a part of the community' dislikes the N4. For me, if a character's not funny, they suck. I don't care if they're interesting, quirky or whatever. I just want to laugh as I'm slaying zombies with my friends. The N4 are pretty much complete failures in the funny department. Only like two or three of the quotes I've ever heard from them have made me laugh.
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