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  1. :| The name of the map is "Der Riese", which is German for "The Giant". Die Rise doesn't mean anything, it's just a pun. High Rise - Die Rise, get it?
  2. You know what sucks more than not getting a trailer before the DLC releases? Having to wait a goddamn month for the DLC to release on the PS3 while XBOX players find out all the little easter eggs so there's nothing left for you to discover. I know there's games like Battlefield 3 where PS3 users get DLC a week before PC and 360 players, but that's just one week, not a whole month. Fuck you, Microsoft. Fuck you, Activision. It's bullshit. I'm not going to buy a console for reasons such as this.
  3. I really like the WaW maps, Kino, Ascension and Call of the Dead. I don't like Shangri-La and Moon. I hate Shangri-La's layout and I hated the gameplay in Moon. Tranzit kinda disappointed me too. I don't blame Treyarch for trying new and different things, though. That's definitely a good thing. I think the Modern Warfare series sucks for its lack of innovation. Treyarch will do something different again with Die Rise, let's hope it's not too complicated. By the way TehGKBrief, have you played Nuketown Zombies? It's a good (although small) map in my opinion, and it plays just like the old maps.
  4. So Die Rise is derived from High Rise. Makes sense, but why would Treyarch use a map from Modern Warfare 2? As far as I know, Treyarch has never re-used a map made by Infinity Ward and vice versa. Why would they start doing it now?
  5. I think the guys at Treyarch have been planning to do a Paris map ever since they put a picture of the Eiffel Tower at Der Riese. Moon was called 'Zombie_Paris' because it started out as Paris before they decided to change it. It'll happen.
  6. I got the blue eyed skull after my second Black Ops 2 Zombies game ever. Not even kidding. I really don't understand why though, unless maybe my Black Ops 1 records have something to do with it but I highly doubt it.
  7. But Nacht Der Untoten doesn't have Elena but it does have the original characters on Black Ops... I guess that one doesn't count. I still think it's strange they used Skrillex and then patched him out. I hate dubstep though, so I guess it's a good thing.
  8. Yeah I think Samuel is our 'new Richtofen'. He knows more about the Zombies than any other character and he might be hiding things. I like the idea of him eating zombie flesh as a way to connect to uncle Richtofen. Maybe he's done a lot of research on the Illuminati and that's why he knows Richtofen and comes up with crazy conspiracy ideas?
  9. Richtofen has new quotes, right? When you play Grief he says something like "Let's all work together now! No wait, there's two teams. The team that survives the longest wins the game! Oh joy!". I'm pretty sure that's a new line, he didn't say that in Moon. So... Nolan North had to do some Richtofen lines for Black Ops 2. I know Nolan has done a lot of voices in the past (such as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series), but he's still doing Richtofen as well. Would Treyarch contact Nolan just to have him explain the game modes? Would Treyarch let that voice talent go to waste by giving the Doc less quotes? I don't think so...
  10. Pascal

    New Kino Art!

    The second image looks a lot like Kino der Toten. The style of it, at least. First one looks more like a 'modern' cinema room. I'm curious why they chose a theater again (if they chose a theater again), because we've already seen Kino. The only thing I can think of is a 'Kino 2025', which is a cool idea, but also kinda lazy when you think about it. Though I do like the old WW2/Cold War Zombie style a lot better than the new one. Let's just hope it'll be good.
  11. That'll save me a lot of time. Thanks.
  12. Then they would have to make an entire Tranzit mode map somewhere in Germany. Now that I think about it. They could fit Verrückt and Kino right next to each other (both in Berlin) and have a bus/train go to Der Riese (which is near Breslau). It would be cool to have a Tranzit mode map set in 1945 but I doubt it'll ever happen...
  13. Pascal


    Another PS3 player here. Just got the sound glitch for the first time. I was playing Grief on the Town map. Everything was fine until round 15 or so. Treyarch should stop porting games over from XBOX to PS3 and just make the damn game work and look good on both systems.
  14. I haven't played Black Ops 2 a lot because I didn't have time, so this is the first time I'm reading about the music easter egg. They put that dubstep music you hear in the 'Plaza' multiplayer map as the Tranzit easter egg song? Seriously? What were they thinking? And then they change it to a Kevin Sherwood cover of an A7X song, but without Elena Siegman? I don't get it. Nuketown has a re-used song, and the seperate Farm and City maps don't seem to have an easter egg song at all. Why would Treyarch do this? Those Elena Siegman songs from [email protected] and Black Ops were awesome. I'm okay with changing things and taking different directions in new games, but this is just wrong. Treyarch spents so much time on the Zombie mode but forget this. It's like that Eminem song in FIVE all over again.
  15. Nacht der Untoten was nothing more than a building from a multiplayer map in World at War to begin with. When you think about it, there's really no continuity. You can't put Nacht der Untoten at a specific location or time. It has no place in the storyline. In 1945 there were US Marines fighting against Nazis. It's never explained how they got stuck in the building, and it's never explained who wrote "help" on the door. "Help" is a word used in many languages but not German, by the way. That would be "Hilfe". Then Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo and Tank arrive but it's never explained how they got there and why they're there. It's never explained why Mule kick was there either. Now all of a sudden it's in Tranzit. I think it's safe to assume it's just an easter egg and nothing more. You can't tie it in with the main storyline because of the inconsistencies.
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