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  2. Here is a fairly crude looking map. but gets the general idea. Color Code Black equals wall Red equals door Brown equals electric door JUG for example represents Juggernog. well ST represents Stamin-Up. etc. Lightning bolt represents Power ? Means box spawn http://i.imgur.com/04jm7.png as you can see. the map would be fairly large. players would spawn in a park like area. and then open up into the slightly torn up Parisan Streets. I designed the map without a Transportation element in mind. as you can see the X looking thing would be the Effel Tower. Juggernog is located at the base of the Tower. two elevators (doors) can be bought. taking the players to the second level (observation deck) the Bowie Knife and a box spawn are here. buy a third elevator. which can only be used when three fuses is inserted. (said fuses would spawn at random. but would be generally easy to find) said Elevator takes the player up to the sky deck. where Pack a Punch is located. however the player can not take the elevator back down. but can use a zipline located at the top of the Effel Tower to get back down safely. when you go to the top. you have 30 seconds of zombie free time before zombies start making there way up there. giving players time to pack there guns. I only included the 6 BOII perks on the map. and showed the location of Bowie Knife and Galva Knuckles. So. what do you guys think?
  3. Maxis says after you complete the Tower of Babble EE he will need to get the other towers up and running. what towers would be tall enough to work for him? The Effel Tower. the next map will be in Paris. and will feature the origional crew. (+Samtofen) the Origional Crew will escape off the Moon, ethier via help of the Tranzit crew. or Maxis himself. they will rewire the teleporter to teleport them somewhere else but Area 51, The MDT will talk them to a secret Nazi base. that's hidden under the streets of the City of Lights. there. Maxis will instruct them to power up the Effel Tower to help Maxis gain enough power to get rid of Richtofen. and end the horrors of the Zombies once and for all. however. Richtofen will of course try to intervene and manipulate the crew once more. Richtofen will want to use the Effel Tower for the same reason he wanted the tower in Hanford. to help give him power. The map will also feature a new Wonder Weapon. a gun that shoots a charged beam of plasma that kills a entire horde in one shot. and will be required to power up the Effel Tower. Im even thinking of drawing a map for the idea. if anyone is interested in seeing it.
  4. @MurderMachineX I could've sworn I gotten it on Town before too. but im not sure. but your right, ive never gotten it on TranZit ethier, ethier way. even if the LSAT is only in Nuketown, it still has a PaPed version, and goes on the list.
  5. Actually Electric Jesus. your thinking of the MTAR. the LSAT is in the box. making three LMG's. the LSAT is called the FSIRT when packed. and the RPD is actually more like the HK to be honest. as it has the slowest fire rate of the three (with the HAMR having a RPK fire rate, and the LSAT being in the middle) the RPD also has the most ammo packed of the three (875 compared to 700 some odd for the other two.) so the RPD is more like HK. and another one to add. the M27 becomes the Mystifyer when Packed, and it's basiccly the spiritual succsessor to the Commando. M27/Mystifer handles much the same as Commando/Predator. and is about as strong
  6. the Galil is still the Lamentation, through everytime ive gotten it. it automaticly comes with a Reflex Sight. It's still as good as BO1 The RPG is the Rocket Propelled Greivence, it is fully automatic like the Law was. it has 8 shots. but is much stronger then the Law was. killing Zombies in One shot at Round 23 The RPD is the Reletivistic Punishment Device, it has a total of 875 bullets in ammo. and it shoots and feels much like the H115 Oscillator The Five Seven (single wield) is the Ultra, it is however, semi auto still. solid for a pistol The SMR becomes the SM1LER, it is still single shot. and it is still a shit weapon
  7. @PDiddily, the symbol in game is the one where the bullets are shooting down, instead of from the right like they always have been, and it says Double Tap Root Beer II instead of just Double Tap Root Beer
  8. Agreed about the leaderboards. I got a round 63 on Nuketown with 3 other people, we died on 63, damn thing didn't save.
  9. @P Diddily, the one that says RIP is Tombstone, the other one is just a redesigned Double Tap, Stamin up is in there as a sixth perk through
  10. Im not sure if anyone else has noticed this. but in the campaign level "Time and Fate" when your Menendez and get captured by the Panamanian President, when the SPAS is in the President's hands. it uses the BO1 Model, however once Menendez gets his hands on said Spas. it uses the MW/BOII Model. anyone else notice this?
  11. Hello everybody. my name is Gretchen. (yes. im a hardcore gamer girl) im 23, and ive been gaming since I was 14, the first game I ever played was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and from then on then I became a hardcore shooter lover, I also occasionaly play other types of games, but im mainly a shooter girl. I played the first CoD on PC back in 03, and own every installation in the CoD franchise. CoD became my life somewhat, (I mean I have a life, gotta spend time with the GF so she don't dump me ) but anyway. Ive always loved Cod. but then WaW came. and I played Zombies. and I loved it. ive been around since day 1. and will be around until Treyarch no longer makes more Zombies, (and ill still be around then) ive also been a long time lurker here. lurking since the days of SNN, I finally got the courage to join and enjoy this community. "Let's kill zome freakbags!"
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