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  1. i didn't like we wouldn't be reunited with our old characters till the end and i hope we never see these ones again
  2. i call him Leroy or the best thing treyarch have invented since zombies
  3. In the new map we all know Leroy is huge person trapped in a jail cell scared and confused you set him free and he can assist you if you assist him but what I want to know who is he ? We dont know a thing about him and I really want to learn about this person. could it be element 115 that does this to him or is it some other reason and who put him in the cell ? These are things will probably be found out eventually and I feel this character is really important to the story line.
  4. you have to hit the sign's in a certain order to make a redish orb to come out and guid you to the barn
  5. we hit the signs using galava knuckles and a wisp came out and maxis told us to follow it
  6. wait the pyramids on the beginning of moon when the rockets exploded the pyramid shot down to earth with meteors mean you dont get pyramids in south do you
  7. I came across this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T6Gdg2Oxjk And MrDalekJD explains how his friend has done the easter egg but instead of doing 2 at tower, 1 at Depot, 1 at Diner. He did it difrently and this changed the light currents so maybe a certain combonation will continue the easter egg.
  8. Now the final battle between Maxis and Richtofen has begun we have to ask ourselfs is this the end? Will there be zombies after Richtofens rein? After we have answeres will there be zombies on Earth? -Borders
  9. After everything Rhictofen has put people through i have to go with maxis.Maxis is the real good side.ultimatley in the end I want the final map to play as Maxis,Dempsey,Misty,Samantha(as Rhictofens body. -Borders
  10. Having finished the campaign I would of liked top found out what happened to Weaver they dont even refrence him.does anyone know what happened to him?
  11. I heard some of there second names as well; Misty Dempsy(my opionion) Samuel Something(heard in quote) Russel crossman marlon(no idea) but i want to know whois is this stu person they keep asking ammo from?
  12. in the new trailer you can see odd glimpses of a mysterous man you see with the rest of the new characters (sorry no image).This man is is about to be seen but the scene cuts instantly so you dont see his face.I think this man is Dannny Trejo from COTD it would make sence.it been a number of years since COTD and he would have aged.His skin tone is the same and it would make sence for them to have guns and to know how to fight them.Put what you think below - borders
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