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  1. About drop 5, I wanted to point out that the 'zombie hand' is actually a prop in Treyarch's studio, holing on to a power switch. If you want to look for yourself, it's all the way at the end of the GTTV episode (@20:10). http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episod ... ack-ops-ii Thoughts?
  2. As you can tell from looking at the elastic bands and cables, they photoshopped it to show only a portion of this 'device'. The elastic bands and cables are currently attached to nothingness . Really liking the idea of Flammenwerfer... using this device to jumpstart a perkmachine and buy a perk from it before the main power switch is on.
  3. It always looked like ORA to me, with only the first letter missing. Facepalming at the moment that I never thought of it being OLA instead. COLA makes 100% sense for me now great find!
  4. So this is 10AM Pacific time / 1PM Eastern / 6PM UCT / 7PM Central European. Cant wait!
  5. The TV looks like a 1945-50 model (I googled a bit but im really limited at work, ill do some more research when im home ) With the footage in black-and-white and on such an old TV, it really feels like a post-Nuke setting to me (burning crater up front, some tower in the back?). @Jesus source for the montage quote? EDIT: Nevermind It was _Rez_ PS. I dont have audio atm, so I cant comment on that just yet.
  6. Oh, by the way, [REDACTED - Waffles ] Like its on the news.
  7. Ah so the timer depends on your timezone? Rookie mistake by Activision . Forget my time posted then, I based mine on Central European Standard Time (GMT +1). Wow Peter! I'm from GMT +1 too! xD You are on 21.000 seconds, right? Yup REDACTED - Waffles Also.. I clicked the thumbnail, it sent me to the MW3 trailer ;( I got tricked!
  8. Ah so the timer depends on your timezone? Rookie mistake by Activision . Forget my time posted then, I based mine on Central European Standard Time (GMT +1).
  9. Does anyone know if Activision shows the Trailer when the timer runs out? Or do we really have to wait for the Playoffs games on TNT? Theres a pretty big gap inbetween the timer (Stops at 1PM EST/ 6PM GMT) and the 76's game on TNT (8PM EST) or even the Lakers game (10:30 PM EST)
  10. I was thinking the White house right away too. These's a book on the desk below the medals with a old looking greenish book and a feather with ink. Old stuff that you see a lot in the white house. (My dad works in the white house, that president guy 8-) )
  11. Hmm I see what you mean. To me the 'floor' looks like dry farmland divided into plots with some buildings on it. the blue rectangle I pointed out earlier could be a barn's roof, and the smoke makes more sense too. So in this case, we would be looking at some kind of gun hanging under an aircraft, possible some kind of a UCAV drone.
  12. I agree. If this is a rifle, it's extremely poor design of what people think that is a scope and underbarrel grenade launcher (strange combo too). Because of the screws, it has to be something smaller than the earlier mentioned artillery/tanks. A UGV drone seems plausible. Still looks really industrial/metallic to me... not something you expect on a state-of-the-art drone used by the Black Operations. Also... I'm wondering what this blue thingy is (red circle): First thing that popped in my mind was a skyscraper in smoke... being really far in the background.
  13. As expected, they put up a clear version of the picture.
  14. So I went back to the video by FPSRussia yet AGAIN, and well... see for yourself These are the tags attached to the video. FPSRussia normally uses his own tags which are completely different from these, and these seem to include lots of hints to Black Ops 2. Most of them around Tacitus we already knew (Future weapons manufacturer), but the tag 'Woods' is what catches my attention. Why is (Frank) Woods mentioned? Is he playing a big part in Black Ops 2 Campaign? Are we playing from his perspective? Can we conclude that Woods did not die in BO1? Or even further... Does FPSRussia represent Woods in his video? (Woods is able to speak russian). Or Does FPSRussia represent a Russian character working for Tacitus? :shock: Back to the video... These 2 videos are attached to it as Response videos: The first video is about the AR 15 'Bad News' sniper rifle, and the second one is about the R700. I've heard rumors before about the R700 returning to the CoD series, or at least people wanting it to return. Can we expect both of these rifles in BO2 or did FPSRussia attach these videos 'at random'? I don't believe in random anymore when Treyarch is involved. Both of these rifles don't help us with a timeframe, since both are designed in the 50's/60's and continually improved and and still are used today. Both guns are more lightweight snipers using the .223 caliber cartridges. Both guns are still being used by the US Army (I think). Hope this helps (Not with today's picture, but just in general)

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