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  1. I think it would be nice to have another girl in the game. But this time a girl that is actually apart of the story line
  2. I think what they should do is interpret elements from the previous maps for example into of the maps picture they show a pyramid, that would be cool. Zombies and pyramid fit well together. Or maybe go to earth after it has been blown up.
  3. My name is Jen, everyone calls me sweetheart. I live on the east coast of the United States. (In the new england area). I'm currently in college studying human development and special education. I love to travel, I go some where every year. Last year I went to South Korea to visit family. I play zombies, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on my ps3. I also play Just Dance and Wii sports on my Wii. I don't really spend a lot of time playing Video games but when i get the chance to I could play all day. I watch livestreams. Particularly Way2g00. Yeah I cant really think
  4. i should get credit though... Who agrees? (brains)
  5. That is basically what I said... I mentioned half of it i should get credit hehe
  6. Nikolai started to finally respond to Richtofens stimuli but only after he was injected with new serum made primarily from vodka. One thing Nikolai didn't forget is his lust for Vodka and how he murdered his wives. But all he wants now is to survive. He got depressed and drank vodka to solve his problem.
  7. Oh darn I was hoping everyone would still keep answering question to that you gave more hints that completely gives away the answer. :lol:
  8. Ive discover that Codz gives great advice. Ive slowly gotten better at this game. I dont have the patients to run around in circles all the time. Which ends in suicide Ehjookayted you should have recovery room. haha
  9. I have learn quit a bit from this guide, yet im still a noob lol
  10. You know i was just messing with you. I had things to do so I left the stream. lol
  11. Whenever i am on my computer which is like all the time.
  12. When I logged on to your stream last night Way I was so disappointed.
  13. Lmao.... Nope cause that would just be bad. I would have to rage all my anger on Aman. That would be fun though haha
  14. I think you should do Round 30+ Nacht attempt. That map would be a challenge
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