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  1. I think it would be nice to have another girl in the game. But this time a girl that is actually apart of the story line
  2. I think what they should do is interpret elements from the previous maps for example into of the maps picture they show a pyramid, that would be cool. Zombies and pyramid fit well together. Or maybe go to earth after it has been blown up.
  3. Ive discover that Codz gives great advice. Ive slowly gotten better at this game. I dont have the patients to run around in circles all the time. Which ends in suicide Ehjookayted you should have recovery room. haha
  4. I have read so many different things i dont know what to believe anymore... I guess we just have to find out when it comes out. I would like more zombies... I personally suck at multiplayer
  5. I feel like its way to soon for a trailer. Mw3 didn't come out till this year. I just feel like the video's are going to be repeats of other putting together video from black ops and mw3 together to make it look like it is legit. (technology is so amazing these days)
  6. I dont have a favorite i like all of them. lol Brain
  7. Im noob... the only way i would get to high rounds is if im playing with people who arent noobs.
  8. Welcome to Codz. Don't you aren't the only one I don't understand Nacht either. Why put meal kick but no jug?
  9. My favorite map would have to be Der Riese... It is semi easy to get round in. My second favorite map would be Ascension I really dont know why. My favorite map solo would be Verukket because its easy to train in once you get all the doors open. My least favorite map would be Kino because there are so many place that you can get stuck in. My second least favorite map would be moon because of the gravity.
  10. I totally agree... Btw Welcome to Codz.
  11. I really Like your Ideas. Especially the maps, Chicago and New York would be an awesome maps. They have to make it exciting.
  12. That is pretty cool pictures that you found.
  13. sw33thearts87


    Hey Welcome to CODZ
  14. I know someone who know someone, from what i heard they are going to try and get a few custom maps from world at war on to black ops 2....They are going to pick out the maps. Its not a official yet. Also a few new maps that i heard might be in the game is the pyramid that is the moon picture maybe a map, and earth after it gets blown up. Most likely this game won't come out till 2013 or 2014
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