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  1. yeah it is a lot of fun but no one knows anything about the Easter egg completion
  2. yeah but it wouldn't hurt to give us a little help?? :)
  3. NAUCHT = Naucht der untoten/NDU clear things up?? :ugeek:
  4. I've been wondering for a while about the Easter egg and why Treyarch haven't released any extra info about it? People have been confused about the TranZit Easter egg for months now, no one knows anything about the rest of the Easter egg or even if their is another part to it. I do not understand why they don't release anything, even just a simple sentence or maybe a few or even one word that would confirm some theories about the Easter egg. I'm just really confused??? thanks for reading reply if I have missed anything or think their is something that needs changed. :mrgreen:
  5. I think people are being too harsh on tranZit, Tryarc have worked hard on all of the different aspects of the game, and the whole creepy fog that covers the map with denizens that hate the light, waiting for their next victim to arrive, is a great idea and it works well but I do get the fact that parts are annoying like the whole takes ten mins just to get to round five and how slow the map is as a whole, but people are still being way too harsh and not looking at the positives= The bus, a whole new traveling aspect to zombies The new characters that are completely different to the O4 The new "BOSS" being the Avogadro The new type of zombies being the denizens The fog adding a new creepy aspect The new Easter egg, having a choice of two different paths to follow The fact they took one decently sized map and let you play in smaller versions of it.
  6. oh that is actually quite cool I can see why it's not an exact replica or the real thing because you can't get upstairs and it's a lot more wrecked than the original
  7. what's the mp engine and why is it different to the other one
  8. I was playing on tranZit mode the other day and today I decided to check out the good and bad bits of my performance to see what i need to improve on, by using theater mode and it got me thinking that tryarc had theater mode in the first black ops so why didn't they add it into zombies back then and that made me think even harder... WHAT IF IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE EASTER EGG? I'm not saying if you use theater mode you'll get an achievement I'm just saying maybe they added it in because the easter egg could have an extra part to the obelisk table that is up high and you have to of spotted it in theater mode first to unlock it in game???? thank you for reading please reply with anything I have missed or you think is wrong
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