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  1. Glitches are frowned upon here...
  2. This guide is incorrect. Upon getting the retriever, you must kill 30-40 zombies BEFORE you do your round on the bridge. You can kill these 30-40 zombies ON the bridge, if that's easier for you. I personally do them in the cafeteria. You will hear the afterlife noise (a screech) indicating you are ready to do an ENTIRE round on the bridge, from start to finish. Now, you can take the plane over to the bridge, or start a new round if you're already there, and kill zombies on the bridge with nothing but the retriever. After the round is over, you will hear the screech again, indicating you
  3. You have to get kills with the retriever before doing the entire round on the bridge. I'd say it's about 30 to 40, and yes, you can mix shooting and throwing (I think some people are confusing steps) but you'll hear the afterlife sound (the screech) indicating you can do the round on the bridge. I usually do this in the cafeteria around 11, but you CAN do this on the bridge. Once you've heard the sound, you must start a new round on the bridge and use only the retriever. "Round started while we were on the plane?" Not gonna work. You must start and end the round on the bridge
  4. Really? Guess I didn't pay as much attention to the trailers as I thought.
  5. my apologies to Silentcrisis whom i just noticed has information that the hells retriever can obtain drops from a distance for you!
  6. Throw the Hell's Retriever at a drop Sorry if this is a re-post, but I searched and didn't see anyone who's noticed this yet...
  7. Got the achievement after the patch. What we did was have Russman buy Who's Who and down himself in the Buddha room (When we were at the reincarnation step) Samuel had the Pap'd Ballistic Knife. When Russman hit the ground, Samuel revived him with the upgraded Ballistic Knife. The odd part, however, is the FIRST time Samuel shot, he MISSED Russman, and it still allowed us to continue with the EE. We eventually revived him with the next shot, but after watching theater mode a couple times, I am certain the first shot missed Russman, and simply hit the floor. So, I have no idea what the step off
  8. Resetting stats is a glitch... And it does involve messing with your live account. This is why you never trust a ransoms rank. Little garbage players that can't rank up on their own, so they resort to glitching.... OP, Don't glitch, get better, and you'll have nothing to worry about...
  9. I dunno about you, but I've been dying while trying to slide to the box starting room, where it's on the roof. Happened at least four times since the release, so i refuse to go down that slide anymore. I agree that the map is awesome, but these garbage downs really mess with my "chi."
  10. So, I really like the idea of a "Net Assessment Value" card, to obtain your points on different DLC maps, just one thought. If the NAV Card reader is a way of accessing your points in future maps, then why have one in Green Run Tranzit? The bank is already in the map and accessible. I'm guessing it will be accessible after the DLC comes out, so I just don't get why they'd insert a NAV card reader into a map that already has a way of accessing your points. Not saying the theory is wrong, just some thought for food!
  11. Just to let the OP know, COD consider a "day" from 7pm to 7pm EST. For example, if you play from 5-6pm EST Monday afternoon, then don't play again till Tuesday 8pm EST, the game says you haven't played for a COD "day." Happened to me yesterday, but getting blue eyes back is fairly easy.
  12. And on this topic, I think it's safe to say EE is over till DLC...
  13. Such a funny man taken from us to early! "I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later." 8-)
  14. The "Yes" was answering the question of whether or not there was more to the EE. The in-game reward and 2nd bus were examples. As neither of them have been found, (hence the "MORE to the EE". This implies that the reward we've found doesn't count in this context) Reza was stating that there was more we have to find. Not gonna argue, but TRY and look at it this way: I can't remember the members name, but someone here said "If you look at it from a marketing standpoint, you will understand perfectly." EVERYTHING they say, tweet, or do is ALL about marketing. Confusing you with a va
  15. I stand by my bigfoot analogy ha ha. Until someone comes forward with ACTUAL, LEGITIMATE proof of more to the EE, there's really no reason to think there's more... I was talking about the current tranzit EE being done. I agree there will be more with DLC. It's a perk drop, not a perk, aka Instakill or Max Ammo, so power doesn't matter. And whether you like the in game reward or not is irrelevant. There IS an in game reward, and that's why the comment got a "yes."
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