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  1. PackAPunch2

    E3! You ready?

    I can actually get you into E3 Every year, but its to late to send credentials. I have a friend that has his own booth at E3 every year. His had one since 2009, Contact me next year and i will be able to get you in =)
  2. by the way i will be at E3 This year, June 5-7 With other Machinima Directors Like Whiteboy/OnlyUseMeBlade/TMRTN/Marko/VideoGames & Others :D
  3. PackAPunch2

    E3! You ready?

    Just to let everyone know i will be attending E3 I attended last year, Ill be with other Machinima Directors. I will also be tweeting alot!
  4. Thanks budd! :geek: :ugeek: :roll: :twisted: :evil:
  5. Hey Everyone, thanks for the feedback and my bad about posting in the wrong section. Wont Happen again, & Thanks for correcting me about "No Mans Land" I appriciate it. :mrgreen:
  6. Yep, You are correct. If an admin reading this thread can move this topic to the Moon Section please do so, Thanks!
  7. Hey Everyone, I made a video on my youtube channel sharing with you guys Nomads' land on the map moon before round 1. I managed to get Juggernog & PackAPunch my pistol and survived over 20minutes of mayhem ! Video is on my signiture, Check it out to see my strategy. Btw/ what is the longest you have survived?
  8. Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome and thanks to those who has checked out my channel. I just uploaded Part 1 of a live commentary. I also have a strategy video for the map Moon coming Thursday =) Thanks everyone, once again.
  9. I love the warm welcome makes me want to be here even more :mrgreen:
  10. Hi everyone i am Pack A Punch 2, I play Cod Zombies on Xbox360. I record my gameplay and do live commentary on it. I also plan on doing easter eggs, party invite games and other stuff. I'm also getting partnered by Machinima in about 3 weeks. If any of you want to play zombies anytime hit me up on xbox send me a friend request gamertag = PackAPunch2 I only play Zombies in call of duty so im always online playing zombies. Looking forward to being here and posting and talking to you all.

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