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  1. Doubt it... She doesn't REALY tie into the zombies storyline... How do u know that? :|
  2. Maybe its the woman that says Ascension and the numbers sometimes when you start up Black Ops?
  3. So Maxis gets Samantha to open the machine after apologizing to her, and when she opens it she is crying. After that, Maxis says to kill them all, and a gunshot is heard. What if, and just hear me out, it is actually someone shooting at Samantha since the pyramid isn't closed yet. They shoot at her, causing Maxis to yell no, and Sam laughs triumphantly. Dr. Groph then says that "We are doomed" because they couldn't stop Sam. Good theory. ;)
  4. Haha, ok. Wohw play with her teddy.. Weird thoughts.. um.. sure if you're into that kind of stuff lmao Not really. It just sounded weird...
  5. Well, currently, a little girl is in possession of the scavenger.. If you accept some crappy guns and play with her teddy a few times, she might give it to you She's a little stingy :? Haha, ok. Wohw play with her teddy.. Weird thoughts.. :o
  6. It should be possible. That is what I think Samantha tries to do in BOII.
  7. Can't believe I forgot that quote Alpha! She most definately does say that after the Easter Egg. I fully agree. Richtofen shot Maxis. Yep im convinced now too...
  8. They could also be in some kind of club together where you would get that tattoo... LOL I get the feeling there's slightly more to it than that! Yeah, i dunno... Maybe Dr. Clarke IS the spy?
  9. Haha at least if there is also a ak74u and Juggernog i will be fine... That will come later (: But I will throw in a movie director to keep you company Whether he'll help you, I'm not too sure, he's a little bipolar Oh no not call of the dead. :shock: Then I might need a scavenger or something too...
  10. Haha at least if there is also a ak74u and Juggernog i will be fine... :D
  11. They could also be in some kind of club together where you would get that tattoo...
  12. Oh yeah i forgot about those quotes. :? Well then Dr. Maxis is definitely dead.
  13. Well, that's a good answer. No, the last theory doesn't really make sense to me either. The Operation Shield is the shield that is activated in the Der Riese radio message from the hanging man, right?
  14. Who cares who gets shot!!! Samantha is on the loose and you are worried about who got shot??!!?! Haha yeah. :roll: It is important for the story and how it continues in BOII.

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