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  1. I havent known you for very long, but I have enjoyed all of the conversations we ever had. I hope things go well for you, and that we can keep in contact over skype. So goodluck maybe speek soon. -Flareon
  2. I supose this is more of a welcom back then a welcom then -Flareon
  3. Oh no. I havnt even had chance to get to know you very well at all. I don't see why you have to leave, but if you do I'll miss both you and your posts. -Flareon
  4. Carrot (as far as i read they sound the same )
  5. I hope things go how you are hoping and that it dosnt cause alot of stress. Look foward to talking when you get back. Goodluck with whatever it is and make sure you dont loose site of what makes you, you -Flareon
  6. I think this is a great start to what should be a well know story to us all. I can imagen that if continued this way a lot more reserch would need to go into the wrinting of this to keep it acurate. I can't wait to see how ths goes and hope that things arn't to difficult to contiue in the same highe standard start. I do relise that this is a prolouge so dosnt neccerceraly need to be exiting, but the start did seem slightly slow off the mark, as I said though this could just be because it is a prolouge. -Flareon
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