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  1. Maybe the characters will be old and have too fight in their wheel chairs! The Cane will be the new weapon!
  2. At least our ideas are actually being spread :D
  3. I should make the first trolling video when BO2 comes out 8-)
  4. I hope so too, along with wager matches Ooo wager matches would be better And a chance to try out weapons we haven't unlocked yet
  5. I wonder if COD points is also returning?
  6. Is this name the same as your youtube one? And welcome to the site of wonder, let your ideas release!
  7. I was thinking the same thing, it also reminds me of the model from Mw2. Good thing if they replaced it! Although is there much of a difference at all?
  8. She looks to be holding a model or a Winchester so bye bye olympia?
  9. That's a good theory, especially the thought of the old gang helping out the new! It could be like Call of the Dead but more futuristic
  10. I am more than positive they time traveled! But the real question is when and where too? And we also want to think about what more power Samantha could possibly want!?!
  11. Very good idea! Heard this many times from you! :lol:
  12. Pretty legit strategy, nice job, And I might use this today thanks!
  13. Well it's nice too have you here Drumhero and enjoy the site!
  14. Nice job, are you going to aim for any higher rounds or just stick with this? You never know you could beat a world record!
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