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  1. I remember you, then again who doesn't... :oops: But anyways you will be missed
  2. At least you give an appropriate apology, knowing we have the right to know And for that I thank you I wouldn't say I'm disappointing nor mad, just a little unexpected
  3. Nice job Eye And very well defined 8-)
  4. You couldn't have done it any better Thanks bro! :D
  5. Could you make me on that says "Repairman Jack" on the left and "The Last Medieval King" on the right! And make the background whatever you want Thank you if you can do it
  6. Young Socrates! 8-) Here is a good one! Why are we here?
  7. Maybe the characters will be old and have too fight in their wheel chairs! The Cane will be the new weapon!
  8. At least our ideas are actually being spread :D
  9. Last Samurai :shock: I love that movie
  10. I should make the first trolling video when BO2 comes out 8-)
  11. I hope so too, along with wager matches Ooo wager matches would be better And a chance to try out weapons we haven't unlocked yet
  12. I wonder if COD points is also returning?
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