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  1. kn0x187

    E3 2012

    Thats the motto =)
  2. kn0x187

    E3 2012

    Yepp... Good thing i live here, don't need to book for a flight. lol
  3. Well, from the sources that i been reading it has said that they will be doing a 8 player mode but also will have the 4 player mode. You will be able to choose. But there is no legit confirmation on what i am telling you. We are just going to have to wait... [brains]
  4. kn0x187

    E3 2012

    Just to let you all know i will be attending E3 2012 This year once again. Last year was amazing but i am sure this year will be better. I will be doing vlogs and special updates here and there. My youtube channel is on my Sig if interested check it out between June 5-7.
  5. While rendering this video on Sony Vegas in crashed 2x on me on 92% It took atleast 2 hours to render eachtime. I Don't think i rendered the video in 720p that is why the quality is bad. If you watch my other videos you know i capture them at 720p HD quality. I'm sorry for the quality of this video! LINK REMOVED.
  6. Welcome to the motherland, feel free to roam around but here take some ammo with you just incase oh and before i forget here is a ray gun Enjoy. haha! :D
  7. I hate nukes =( Thanks! didn't know that. =D
  8. @tankeo Kevin Sherwood ??? haha you have to be kidding me! Elena is a key part to zombies and should not be switched. Kevin? Lmao. no comment his not in the zombies music "level"
  9. The weird part is that how many Nuke symbols he added... some say there is a code to that.
  10. kn0x187


    Yes just search " Kn0x187 " on youtube thats #0 not the letter. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone looking forward to some amazing theorys/post etc etc and meeting some of you in the zombie world xD
  11. Hey guys it was confirmed that there will be a nuke in black ops but they never said in Zombies or Multiplayer. I'm sure its on Multiplayer something like the MOAB. Honestly i think its a bad idea because i know i hated the nuke in MW2 It caused it to be alot of campers and them relling on airsupport also a safe mode? http://youtu.be/ZYRowRn0NQA?hd=1

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