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  1. Creationism vs Evolution debate tonight starring Bill Nye.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MegaAfroMan


      It's not terrible so far.

      Each debater gets a full 30 minute slot of uninterrupted time to make a case after they each got a 5 minute openning statement.

      No rebuttals have yet been allowed.

    3. MysteryMachineX


      Just watched it. It was very well moderated, much to my satisfaction. I'm a supporter of Bill Nye, and I enjoyed his bit of it, but I also learned something from Ken. So it was worth the watch in my opinion.

    4. MegaAfroMan


      Agreed. It's still available free on YouTube for some undisclosed period of time. Unfortunately after that time it will then be sold, so watch it while you can folks!

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