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  1. There have been several pictures very similar to this before, I don't remember exactly if those were confirmed fake but this looks very similar. For people who are in to modding and computer design, I doubt this would be a big project.
  2. If they do elite content like they did in MW3 and Treyarch already has maps ready to release and are working on the some of the last ones right now or soon I would like to see a new map as often as one month but I would rather only getting one great map every three months over one okay map every month. I think anything faster than one month would completely ruin the hype if we get to play a new map for two weeks and already download a new map to play. If nobody completely butchers the hunt for the easter eggs like they did for moon where they just hacked to learn about it then I would be happy with a three month wait. Especially if they give us 3-5 maps to start with.
  3. What if you were to make it so you could only pick up the guns of the enemies that you killed. Another way of negating this is by having your body and weapon disappear when you die (maybe make it for only if you killed yourself or have a tactical insertion set up). That could be irritating if you weren't trying to become omnipotent doing this method and if your like me, take pleasure in scavanging your old body for some free ammo even if you didn't have scavanger on. But I wouldn't be too worried about this seeing as how I play Modern Warfare 3 and constantly see people with specialist bonus and ACRs so they have overpowered weapons, and all perks.
  4. So as you all know, there have been new pictures that everyone has been saying are either levels for zombie rank, perk cola emblems, etc... But, what I was thinking was that what if the 4z4 mode is like regular multiplayer but with zombies thrown in (I don't like the idea of this but I had to share it). Then all of the new pictures could be perks specifically for 4z4. They do look somewhat similar to the perks you would see in Black Ops 1. I think it could be something like what MrDalekJD experienced in his latest video about what Nuketown 2025 could be like. Sorry that I don't have a link, i'm pressed for time.
  5. As much as I would like to think that we will see a CODZL trailer, I don't think we will . But I do still have a shred of hope because does anybody remember when Tacitus was being leaked with Black Ops 2? It all started with FPSRussia wearing a shirt and he wasn't even affiliated with Treyarch.
  6. I know they probably won't put this is because I think it's super cheesy but, what if the dummies followed you when you weren't looking and would attack from behind? I would piss my pants and go cry if that happened the first time I played.
  7. My bad. Come to think of it, they have said that you can take control of some AI score streaks so maybe the storm will have that capability but we will have to wait to see. I really hope that was meant for irony.
  8. 1. It is being said around the forum that the "panic knifing" option of the knife will be a two knife kill with little to no lunge and the equipable knife will be a one knife kill with little to no lunge. 2. They will have score streaks which will make them easier to get but will require you to play support and objective to get the higher ones, the Swarm is the highest being ~3300 score. 3. I don't think they've announced anything about aim assist for snipers when scoping in but there will be attachments for quicker ADS and to have a scope or not. 4. I think what you mean by that is being able to throw your combat axe while dolphin diving. I doubt they will add that but they haven't announced anything about that so we will have to wait and see. 5. It sounds like a cool idea but I highly doubt they are going to put that in because a "lethal boomerang" seems OP in the idea that if it misses you get it back. 6. You can use another point for another lethal grenade so for example you could have two lethal frags and/or two combat axes, depending on whether or not you use the Danger Close wildcard. 7. I believe the snipers will have a laser sight attachment that will increase hip fire accuracy but again, I have not heard anything announced about sniper aim assist. 8. That sounds extremely OP but the pyrotechnic part of me would love to see it, I highly doubt they will implement that to the game. 9. It sounds like with the new unlocking system that could be a good addition to the game. 10. In all of the score streaks and attachments there is no jet pack so I doubt they will add this. Plus all of the Halo fans are going to be all over us if we added that and I already get enough of that from Battlefield fanboys.
  9. On day one of the Black Ops 2 multiplayer live stream I noticed that David Vonderhaar was wearing a shirt that said something along the lines of, "Trip cap for Cordis Die." I am not a computer expert or anything so I don't have a picture to post along but I'm sure you can find it in a replay of day 1.
  10. So I was snooping around on the kino forums and found someone say something about the fuse boxes and about there being six upgraded guns with 115 on them... I noticed the first letters of the PaP version... If you go by the first part of the names (ie:G115) the letters are GMPHRDL but with no vowels I see no word there... Now the second part (ie:Generator) the letters are GKORDI now I don't know what word would be there but I did notice the GK as in GKNova... ordi I don't know what to make of that.. The two put together is GMPHRDLGKORDI but thats alot of letters so I'll take out the repeat ones and then it's GMPHRDLKOI... Most of this is probably completely useless but the point im trying to make is that we have to continue to think about this, there are probably tons of topics about "Beware of the Six" like how it means the Nova6 crawlers, the dogs spawn close to round 6, or that there are 6 fuse boxes, there are six meanings behind this for all we know!
  11. I already knew about this one... I was playing a game with my friends and they asked "milk, where are you? I haven't seen you in about 10 rounds except for when you come on to the stage to set down those claymores in that corner?" and when I told them I was running circles in the alley all they said was, "what?" I am looking to try to run circles in all the rooms that aren't easy, in multiplayer of course because solo the zombies aren't spread out through the map and its alot harder to do it in the tighter places. Nice to know that other zombie slayers are passing on the knowledge to those without!
  12. I've tried this before when in a lobby of 2 (including me) and on my first pull of the box I got monkies. It was around round 9 and after I got monkies I never used the box again... We tried it the first time with the power off because we haven't gotten that room open yet, it didn't make the different noises although I did hear the knocking... We tried again with the power turned on, nothing... I've tried a total of around 10 times throughout the game of about 26 rounds before we downed ourselves because he had to go to football and it would be his highscore. Bottom line is, what do you need to do in order to make this happen but I have yet to try this in solo so maybe thats it.
  13. I was just running through the campaign today and when I was escaping Vorkutta or however you spell it and Mason was told by Reznov to skewer the winged beast. That step was when you were supposed to bring down the helicopter if that helps at all.
  14. Has anyone tried "rezurrection" or "derreise" or something related to moon?
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