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  1. and I've seen the future and it will be pure consciousness
  2. His name is Mr.Gordon. I spammed Vonderhaar and got this:
  3. That's why I think it has to mean something else. Another Teaser coming?
  4. Or maybe he was just hinting at another teaser.
  5. They did say we would be releasing a lot of stuff over the next couple of months
  6. I have no idea what it actually means.
  7. Jimmy made this tweet could he be possibly hinting at zombies being revealed on the fifth of November(11/5)? EDIT: It has been deleted: Here it is: https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy/stat ... 0372251649
  8. Could he be the new character? Could the next map have howls and crawlers and the waffe?
  9. So do I...although I hope we see one very very soon with/zombies gameplay
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