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  1. WTF!!! I am lost right now. I know you know what I mean. Waffles was the original one who moved this for me, yet it says Superman did. Whatr u pulling my suuurp sipping friend?
  2. "I was wondering how this would pan out." It seems like it would be as simple as having both on the same map for the rest of the game, but I would prefer that once I chose a side, the other side would not be heard from again until I restart the Green Run EE. I know that was one hell of a run-on sentence, but yeah. That is where I am.
  3. ^Thank you. I was getting tired of watching people talk about stuff they don't know about. I was wondering how long he was gonna say "Nuh-Uuuh!" At least double check to see if you are wrong first...
  4. a) These are definitely fake. The Black Hat is the hacker device on multi-player. This is what it looks like: It does basically everything a hacker does, but at long distances. You can hack people's care packages from far away or hack an enemy UAV.
  5. I see a lot of spawn camping happening on this game mode. If you have seven zombies and one survivor, the zombies could easily spread out and kill the survivor as soon as he/she is chosen. Once a zombie kills the survivor, and the zombies are still spread out, that person will die as soon as they spawn.
  6. Has no one else thought that they could be referencing quitting. I mean, it is tips. The best tip I have heard for ranking up is playing solo and quitting after 1000 kills or so. Very well laid out though. Honestly, I don't think Rez even said that. I know that it says he did, but someone writes those articles. If Activision has any part in it, they will make the game sound better than it is. Even though I am one of the people who bought Season Pass, I can see their eyes being full of dollar signs. They want to leave us hanging. They want you to buy DLC.
  7. Since others have already been rude, I will try to be clear without hating. I don't know what I just read. You hit the nail on the head when you said you were thinking out loud. It shows in your post. I'll try to give you a few pointers for future reference, but it would be best if you visited these links and studied for a while... The Typist: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=93&t=22211 Formatting 101: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=93&t=22624 If you chose not to visit these links, here is a small list of things you could improve on: Punctuation. Spelling. Use of Slang. Clean up the paragraphs.
  8. Sam Adams all the way. Expensive but worth it. It's almost like a meal in itself, very filling. On Topic: I see what you are saying. This hasn't been brought up that often, but I think it has some relevance. This makes two characters now that have eaten zombies/humans. As I said, two characters is hardly enough to show a clear pattern, so I could be waaaaay off, but I could be dead on. I guess this thread is all about the reader and how far they will let their imagination go. Almost like going out on a limb with your imagination. It will at least have people keeping an eye out for more proof or something that proves it wrong.
  9. I'm more of the beer type anyway, but do you care to elaborate as to how I am far off? Granted: I haven't read the entire story-line thread (The trilogy), but I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp of what's going on here. I'm not saying anything written before hand is incorrect, I just feel that the future might uncover the past... I'm confused honestly.
  10. I believe Flammenwerfer is pretty close to the time-frame. Since it has been proven that guns don't matter as a means of a time scale, look at the character quotes. Look at Maxis quotes. The characters have grown up around this new world. Marlton has quotes that suggest he never knew what society was like. Maxis has quotes that suggest that he was searching for decades before he found signs of life. We know from the farm TV that others have been contacted before or during the Green Run events. This means that the characters are a minimum of 20 years old. If every character was born during or after the missles, they are a minimum of twenty years old. As Marlton is dubbed the youngest, and everyone else looks older, I'd say the others were born a little before the nukes hit and never really experienced the "real life" before hand. Marlton has to be around the age of twenty, as he knows too much about everything. He is of the legal age of 18 or other, that I think we can agree on. I view Green Run as being around the current time, plus or minus a few years. I don't think we are quite in the future yet, but I feel this next map will bring us closer, not further.
  11. I finally found the link for the demonic announcer. This is the best explanation for the connections to Lucifer. Rissole25 did a phenomenal job on this one. Bare with the coding, as I think the new site doesn't accept the BBcode from this site. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/vBulletin/showthread.php?14673-The-Demonic-Announcer-is-Lucifer Another thing to keep in mind is the voice that is heard at the beginning of the game on Green Run Tranzit. It is heard well enough to know it's there, so I feel it may be of importance. I know I am straying a bit off topic again, but things are starting to tie together. What about magic? With magic turned off, there is no box or anything. Could these items be the products of black magic?
  12. True that. I suppose you are right about the announcer for drops. It was kind of a noobish remark now that I look back at it. :roll: Oh well. It kind of works out for me anyways because I couldn't have explained that anyways. It is just crazy to me how they can keep adding new things like characters, and still bring up past things and make them relevant. Before, when we heard these quotes from Rictofen, it was assumed that he was just a loan crazy cannibal Nazi guy. He still is, but his quotes offer an explanation now for Samuel and the voices. I can't even fathom the amount of time they put into the story. Imagine if this mode was never created...*gets a chill* :shock:
  13. @PINNAZ: Honestly the Asylum right now is a bit of a joke. I feel like if my thread deserves it, the mods will move it. Yeah, Rictofen has endless quotes about wanting spleens and such... I definitely think the flesh made him a little more crazy. @EJ: I think you are correct in a sense. It does seem to point that way, but we won't know if there is a pattern until future people are called upon. Three people is too small of a number to go off of. I think the voices definitely call the listener to the pyramid. What for is still unclear to me. This is why I propose that there is a higher level of command. If Rictofen controlled everything, why would the voices be trying to get a new leader? It's not like they die in Aether, or even become old for that matter. It seems like the only explanation is that something controls the controller, and when the controller goes against the path of higher command, they are replaced. I think the higher command's only priority is to make everything into undead. Samantha had her own plot to get revenge on Rictofen. Rictofen, I'm sure, has his own plan now that he is in control. This is why the voices are reaching out again. Rictofen, in an effort to at least muffle the voices, decides to call upon Samuel himself and convinces him to help. The reason I brought up famine before (besides the facts in history) is that other people were contacted as well. This means that other people have been practicing cannibalism, or made contact with the MPD. I believe that since society was destroyed and morals went with it, cannibalism and famine played a big part in why Rictofen can contact individuals through voices and doesn't need electronics. One thing that throws me off though is the fact that everyone can here him while "Max-ammo" is acquired as well as other power ups.... I'll get back to you on that one. I really wish Faust would reply with that link.
  14. +1 I think that would fix everything. If you choose to stay alive, then you deserve what is coming... You could choose to die and sneak up on them. I like it.
  15. I realize that we started going a bit off topic and somewhat attempted to rewrite the story for a few minutes, but this thread is focused around the future. I had to bring up the past to make points and references. My true interest is if cannibalism plays a part in the future. Will Samuel become the future savior, or will he join Rictofen? The two are connected no doubt, and the only thing they have in common is cannibalism. If you remember, Rictofen hates Americans, and from what I can tell, Samuel is American. This also strengthens my theory, as he wouldn't have anything to do with him otherwise.
  16. This game mode has been known to mix the two. Look at the QED and the Tower of Babble. One is the core of science. One is a major aspect of religion. I believe man created the pyramid without knowing what they were getting into. Kind of like how there was a chance that in real life, while smashing atoms, there was a chance of accidentally creating a black hole. I don't know how true that is but... Back on Topic: I believe Rictofen had a hand in building the pyramid, as it was most likely meant to be a way of connecting all teleporters and thus offering a solid mode of transportation. In turn, they actually created a gateway to Aether, where Samantha was waiting. Once the final construction was complete and they realized this, Rictofen took off to regroup with the other three. He then devised his plans and Black Ops unfolded. I believe he was a cannibal before all of this. I believe it was between WaW and Der Reise that he began eating flesh. It was then that his voice changed and his overall persona was altered. The pyramid just over-loaded him with voices he had been hearing all along. I believe that Lucifer (or his equivalent) is the real controller of this crazy world. Look at Rictofen and Sam as puppeteers. The original crew is the audience, and "Lucifer" is the owner of the whole show. The puppets are his. The world is his. He seems to have little impact on the game-play at all, but hey, that's how religion is right? Faith.
  17. But we have never seen Rictofen or Samuel eat a zombie, so of course we haven't seen an energy transfer. I know this whole thing is kind of up in the air at the moment, but I feel there is something to be learned here.
  18. OK so you can definitely stop trying to defend yourself now. You were busted and might as well change your name. No one will take you seriously now. I suggest you change your name and think before you act next time. Requesting lock.
  19. The part about him changing once he touched the pyramid, I had completely forgot about. I was referencing the change that occured between WaW and Black Ops. In world at war he was crazy, yes, but nowhere near as crazy as he was in Black Ops. I would almost be willing to say that he made no reference to wanting flesh or needing spleens in Waw. There was definitely a trigger. I know for a fact there was a change there though, because I remember an uproar on this forum, talking about how they ruined Rictofen. I think he began "taste testing" in or after Der Reise, and by Kino, he was full on cannibal. The pyramid is interesting though. It seems that the pyramid contains all the souls from the zombies killed. The voices are thoughts that the zombies had while human. Samantha/Rictofen is able to control the zombies by being there, but as I said, there is a force bigger than them that owns the souls. What I mean by this is if no one was in the pyramid, I believe it would still collect souls. Even if no one is in control of the zombies, someone has control. Back on Topic: What if eating the zombies gives the host the power and denies the pyramid access to those souls. This means that eventually a cannibal in the story-line has the potential to own all the power, instead of control it and lose control of it.
  20. I see. Well as I said this could be overlooked because it is not a definite thing that they need to eat. This is a game. I suppose Rictofen developed a taste for flesh through killing them and being a little insane. He then contacts others while in Aether and gives them his thoughts and therefor spreads his power. I almost feel like this is how it all started long ago. The god in this world seems to be Satan or his equivalent. He could have started all of this through cannibalism, and when the people died, he infected them with 115. All zombies think alike, and Rictofen thinks along the same lines: "Overpower, defeat, kill, and spread." I believe this small theory will be a big breakthrough. There hasn't been any solid proof of how it all began. Der Reise's description says that this is where it began, but I feel there must be something deeper. If you have questions about why I brought up Lucifer, you should read Faust's thread on the Demon Announcer: Lucifer. I just sent him a PM, I should have a link within a few days or so. Til then I will be searching.
  21. There were no tales of them separating, correct, but it doesn't mean the other three couldn't have gotten supplies behind his back. I could even agree that somehow Rictofen was able to brainwash Samuel, but I feel like my theory still holds. Samuel ate zombies, or through the process of killing them, ingested some blood/flesh, and aquired a taste for it. I like to think that he was hungry, and just ate them though. He has numerous quotes about being hungry, so he obviously wants more. There has to be something to this. Rictofen and Samuel were both cannibals and Samuel is the only one that can hear Rictofen, so far. Wait a minute.... *mind blown* You are most likely correct. Through the radio in the farm we hear that Rictofen has contacted other people and turned them on their own people. These people may have the same issues. It still boils down to the fact that either Rictofen has the ability to turn people cannibal, or people who are cannibals can contact him.
  22. There are fundamentally two kinds of cannibalistic social behavior; endocannibalism (eating humans from the same community) and exocannibalism (eating humans from other communities). A separate ethical distinction can be made to delineate between the practice of killing a human for food (homicidal cannibalism) versus eating the flesh of a person who was already dead (necro-cannibalism). That being said, I would like to bring up a few points that may lead us down a path of no return. Cannibalism has become quite the topic in zombies as of late. It was always hinted at by Rictofen though. He has been heard saying things like: "I need your gibs, how can I get them?" "It's tearing my shins, delicious!" "I feel the blood in my eyes, I think I have an infection." "Oooh, His torture was so wonderful, perhaps I can save his appendix." Oh do you smell the cooked intestine? Delicious!" You can see them here: MgL1EbLo8MQ Who else do we hear talking about cannibalism? That's right! Samuel Stuhlinger. He has been heard saying things like: "I need a new gun, and cheese, I need ammo and cheese." "You don't bite me, I bite you!" "Man I'm working up an appetite." "Now you're just making me hungry." "Bring 'em up, you're lunch meat." You can see them here: p92N6kH94hw All of this leads me to a few questions. Was Rictofen a cannibal as well? If he was, did he do this for a reason, or did he just like the taste? Is this the reason that Samuel can hear Rictofen? Does the cannibal end up with living souls inside them? A few theories revolving around the Aztecs and cannibalism are as follows: Michael Harner believed that cannibalism arose due to protein deficiency caused by population pressure (Harner 1977). Barbara Price suggests that cannibalism was related to the political an military instabilities, demographic conditions, and the economic production and distribution networks which caused a surge of sacrifices (Price 1978). Michael Winkelman comes to the conclusion after studying various theories, that sacrifice and cannibalism are a reflection of the extreme conditions of the many ecological variables that occurred in the Basin of Mexico (Winkelman 1998). Stanley M. Garn suggests that cannibalism may have been mainly for ceremonial pleasure (Garn 1979). Bernard R. Ortiz de Montellano suggests that cannibalism was not due to nutritional needs.It was due to the belief that cannibalism would help the Aztecs commune with the gods (Ortiz de Montellano 1978). The reason I bring up the Aztecs, is they are one of the oldest tribes to practice cannibalism, so we might as well start there. As you can see, most of the theories revolve around lack of protein and nutrition. Some of the theories revolve around pleasure, and "getting closer to god." I believe that throughout WaW the original crew was supplied with food. I'm unclear as to where they would find it, and yes I know it is a game and doesn't have to be explained. Bare with me. By the end of WaW, we notice that the crew is regaining their memory, and start to hate Rictofen. In this time, they could have stocked up on food and supplies, and left Rictofen to fend for himself. Rictofen, starving and insane, turns to zombies for protein and quickly begins to form a plan. Once Black Ops has begun, we hear references of clear cannibalism, and the doctor sounds completely different than he did in WaW. He is much more crazy and starts showing signs of change. By the end of Black Ops, he is in control, and the crew helps Maxis, showing they were in fact against Rictofen this entire time. Now we have Black Ops 2, and Samuel Stuhlinger. This group is expected to have grew up in this world after the nukes hit. They never knew of any governments or rules or socially acceptable behavior. They have no morals. Sam has now started spouting off about cannibalism, leading me to believe that history is repeating itself. Samuel is the only one that can hear Rictofen, so the rest of the crew will become suspicious, and doubt his every move. Samuel will remain resiliant and could possibly join Rictofen, if not overthrow him. On a side note: If Samuel did grow up around this new world, and never seen the old one, how would he know about conspiracy theories? My answer would be that cannibalism does actually grant the host access to their prey's memories. Samuel could have came across a CIA agent (homicidal cannibalism), or could have eaten a zombie soldier (necro-cannibalism). What are your thoughts? I truly am interested. Does cannibalism grant limited access to Aether? So many questions.
  23. I would be the one zombie dancing around. Just spinning and slapping myself. Crouch, stand, crouch, stand, slap,slap, crouch, stand, spin spin spin. Seriously though, I don't think it would be too much to ask for. If you notice, the zombies run kind of different than the AI does in normal games. It would be nice to be able to dodge like the zombies from Ascension. At least gives us a quick side step or something.
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