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  1. Jenkins-BE

    Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    I can't think of a reason why Activision wouldn't release a Classic Zombies CLD Mappack... Just put NDU, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese in one pack, price it (Hardened Edition)-(Standard Edition) = pack price. How hard can it be?
  2. Harvey Yena, is he 'known' for something else then his work on the Scavenger?
  3. I love this topic so much, the radios are fascinating. Der Riese contains so much information, I hope the next map does too. A quick question on the following Der Riese radio: Unknown Man (UM): But I'm all out of hope, Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye), my friend. *Repeating P.A. system: Warning, the shield is now active, destroy the designated materials and report to the barracks, this is not a drill.* UM: Dammit! I can't find my pills...they are coming. I must do what I must do. God forgive us all! *Chair scraping* *UM choking* *People talking and screaming drowned out by Zombie moan* *2 Gunshots* Are there any ideas of who this unknown man, who hangs himself (I suppose this is the man you can see hanging in Der Riese?) is? Sorry if the answer is written down somewhere on this forum, but I'm new and there's SO much information here .
  4. Jenkins-BE

    Will you be buying MW3?

    I voted 'yes' but it should more be like a 'probably'. I had fun with all CoD multiplayers, and many of my PSN friends will get it. I prefer the CoD 'feel' above Battlefield too, so yes, I'll probably get it.
  5. I'm so confused... On the Kino loading screen, Richtofen mentions the message as entry 741021. The radios in CoTD are entries 1471-1474 (these ones take place september and october 1945). I read somewhere on this forum that Kino takes place in the late 60's. Does this mean that between '45 and (approx.) '70, Richtofen recorded 739547 entries, currently unknown to us? Or am I missing something? Also, there are so many things yet unanswered (I'm currently playing CoTD), but the things that keep my mind most busy are: * Who is the (dead) Mexican subject Richtofen talks about? Another test subect, just like Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey? Maybe a new map that takes us to the VERY beginning could hold some answers? * Wich kind of swelling does Richtofen (or someone else?) suffer and why is that? * Richtofen mentions a sort of 'barrier', wich isn't located in the spleen. Is this 'barrier' causing the uncontrolability of the zombies? If someone has any thoughts on these, please share :)
  6. Spleen is not same as liver. Double checked it and you're right, sorry . But still, why is Richtofen so possessive about the spleen that's on the ground?
  7. Just something I noticed while readin through the CoTD radios: Richtofen mentions they ate "liverwürst"... In another (or the same, don't know) radio het mentions the word "spleen". I looked it up (since I'm not native English) and spleen means liver... Could this mean something?
  8. Jenkins-BE

    Abracadavre Analysis.

    The line "what dead men have and rich require" made me think 'Mustang & Sally'.
  9. Awesome topic, been looking for transcripts a while, glad I found them here. Have some [brains] !

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