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  1. Source? M320 Grenade Launcher, again .
  2. I can't think of a reason why Activision wouldn't release a Classic Zombies CLD Mappack... Just put NDU, Verrückt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese in one pack, price it (Hardened Edition)-(Standard Edition) = pack price. How hard can it be?
  3. I gave up on trying hard on Black Ops a long time ago. When I play now, I play with crap guns that almost no one uses (PM63 Dual Wield, SPAS, FAL, MAC-11, ...) It's just so much more fun if you're not worrying about K/D or something like that.
  4. I voted 'yes' but it should more be like a 'probably'. I had fun with all CoD multiplayers, and many of my PSN friends will get it. I prefer the CoD 'feel' above Battlefield too, so yes, I'll probably get it.
  5. It would be nice to be able to PhD-Flop when just dolphin diving (no height required). Just one thing about your list, climb faster? I can't recall one instant where you have to climb in Zombies? I like the idea though ;)
  6. Wut? The green light appeared after doing the lever part on top of the ship when I tried the solo EE.
  7. I only played Five a couple of times, just to see how it was and to get the trophies ( :geek: I know). It just doesn't give me the Zombies-feeling that other maps do, I'm afraid Shangri-La will have the same effect on me. Also, the main characters make Zombies what it is. It was a nice idea with the president and all, but it just doens't work for me.
  8. The line "what dead men have and rich require" made me think 'Mustang & Sally'.
  9. It's allready been checked on Morse, no secret messages in Morse coding in the knocking.
  10. Hard to deceide, either Vendetta (WaW) or WMD (BO). Sure thing is that I like the Treyarch campaigns a lot more then Infinity Ward's.
  11. Can you post the source for the leaked info in post #1? I'd like to read the article myself.
  12. I think the radios and film reels in Kino are enough proof to say that it actually does play a role in het story.
  13. I don't think George is a dumb concept, it adds to the challenge (as if it wasn't hard enough allredady ). The only thing about him that really bothers me is that when he screams (when someone hits him), you are slowed down and your screen turns blurry for a few seconds.
  14. Hi CoDZ members, I'm Jenkins-BE and just registered on this (fantastic) forum. I started playing Zombies on Black Ops (though I've tried NDU in WaW, too) on the PS3. I'm very interested in the Zombies-story and would describe myself as a mediocre Zombies player, mainly because I play with randoms 95% of the time and my Internet connection is not top notch - I think. I know the basic strategies to play Zombies succesfully (been watching Xcal and Syndicate for quiete some time) and the my highest round on all maps (except Five) is bewteen 20 and 23. So, I think that's all you need to know. Looking forward to play with you guys and learn more about this fantastic game mode. Cheers, Jens
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