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  1. Just changed my entire post, new info and took out the irrelevant link to Dunkov. Hopefully I'll find out more about the hotel soon
  2. So doing some research on Die Rise and 22 Provinces (The location of Die Rise) I found the following So basically it's saying that SARS was a virus going around in china, but later a russian scientist found out it must have been man made. And later in the article the whole conspiracy theory suggests it was a bio weapon made by the US. You are probably wondering what this has to with Die Rise, well the majority of the outbreak took place in 22 Provinces, which is where Dir Rise is located according to the loading screen. As for the link to Green Run the article says Remember way back before zombies came out everyone was mentioning how the zombies were in a hospital, and now that has been disregarded in most cases... Until now. After reading this I remember that the Green Run zombies were hospital patients and maybe they are actually patients of the SARS virus. After doing some more research I found another article, it stated tha following Yep... A HOTEL... IN HONG KONG. So basically we all know that obviously Die Rise is a hotel in the 22 Provinces, and the hotel where first cases were reported was in the 22 provinces, this seems a bit too good to be a coincidence Finally also there may be some linkage to the EE. On the same page I read the following And there is a dragon on Die Rise, that most likely has to do with the EE (Thanks to SpierBite). So maybe the whole EE revolves around taking down the devil, AKA the dragon. I will update this post with more info, and hopefully find more info on that hotel Update: Just found out the hotel I was referring to was actually in Kowloon. Which was a map in Bo1 interestingly enough, maybe there may be some info on the map, but that seems to be a stretch. Also here is a possible address: But the building doesn't look like the one in Die Rise so IDK... 75 Waterloo Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severe_acu ... y_syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SARS_conspiracy_theory http://www.revelation13.net/SARS.html http://www.hotelhongkong.com/hong-kong- ... onmap.html
  3. Unfortunately there is no way of telling when the coding comes into play, or what map it's for.
  4. Unfortunately there is no way of telling when the coding comes into play, or what map it's for.
  5. Oh sorry man, there should definitely be a sticky of threads that are good. Not like sticky the thread it self, but sticky a thread linking to all the threads. Also I am going to post this over on se7ensins if you don't mind, you will get fulll credit and I'll link back, just let me know if you don't want me to Honestly I've never heard that. Also pumphouses are used to move liguid from one place to another, therefore flushing the liquid, so maybe it is a pump house
  6. Interesting, if only I still had my Jtag to noclip over there. But the fact there is only 1 type of that car (Maybe 2) and it's on a poster, probably means it's important. Also isn't that the direction the bus comes from (Back Corner) I have a jtag, too bad there are no mods released that let you noclip As for the sedan being nades backwards thing is really clever, totally something treyarch wouldn't just put there randomly. Oh, Im actually surpised no one has been actually able to no-clip yet. But hopefully there is something for PC as I am building a Pc over Xmass. Eitherway it could have to do a lot with the EE, like in DerReise the whole button outside the map thing
  7. I see what you are saying, and maybe you are right. But personally I think there is more... way more. They said zombies is going to be like a story mode, and they never said this for other cods. Making me assume it will have more of a story than any other game. But maybe they are holding off on it until DLC, but that doesn't seem logical, then again it could be a way to get money :P
  8. Interesting, if only I still had my Jtag to noclip over there. But the fact there is only 1 type of that car (Maybe 2) and it's on a poster, probably means it's important. Also isn't that the direction the bus comes from (Back Corner)
  9. I think "BRAAIINS..." its there because its the weapon for the zombies, if they dont have it, they cant attack you Ah, true. Never thought of that.
  10. Yesterday I was looking at the real location of Green Run (Hanford) and I found some interesting things 1. I found a marked bank, the only reason I find this interesting is because it's relatively close to the bus route and it's labebled on Google Maps. Also it is in the Hanford test region. http://www.strangeusa.com/Viewlocation.aspx?id=58160 2. I found out there is 3 original Reactors at the Hanford site. I know the number 3 is mentioned often so I thought it's worth mentioning 3. Also I found there where 3 towns made when Euro-Americans first came to the Area White Bluffs (This is where the bank is), Richland, and Hanford http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanford_Site 4. I then searched all of these towns for relevant landmarks relating to Green Run, and for Richland when searching for a bus depot I found this picture And I think it looks a lot like the bus in zombies, and guess what service this is from... Transit. That's right the bus service that is located in Richland, close to Hanford, the location of Green Run is called Transit. Also it was founded is 1981, so the time fits. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Franklin_Transit 5. On the White Bluffs page (Where the bank is located) I found that the only 2 standing structures are the bank and the pump house. I was unaware of what a pump house was so I looked it up and found this picture... Now to me that could pass as the power house if it had slightly altered dimensions. Note: This is not the powerhouse from White Bluffs just a random pump house. Also I am not sure what relevance any of this has to the story, just found it all very interesting
  11. Easter Egg is already over. Obvious troll is obvious, just wants to lead people on so users can worship him as some God. Reminds you of a certain incident that occurred not too long ago, hmm? I don't mean to sound condescending, but I am quite annoyed by these trolls. It's not fair on anyone who actually does try their best to find clues while some dignified poser thinks that they can wee the puppies into the pen for their own pleasure. Nothing on you, of course - it's just that we've seen a lot of this. Let's move on and pretend this is not happening again. It's practically confirmed that there is more to it
  12. In the latest interview they had with GTTV (before the game came out) he said that they initially wanted to, but they kept running into roadblocks in the creative process. Thus, they dropped it. However, doesn't mean we can't expect it eventually. To be honest it's probably been like that since WaW. I mean BRAAIINSs... has been in the game since then. Also if they said that, I'm sure we will see it eventually.
  13. http://www.blackops2forum.com/showthread.php?t=12616 To me it sounds like a load of bull, but there is so many other theories I thought I might as well have some hope. Anyways it sounds like he could be referring to either Nacht or the Bridge. Because the bridge is supposed to be higer, and nacht has been passed many times (In other CoDs)
  14. Wow sou sounds really interesting, most likely means something, somebody should get a team and toy around with the trains
  15. Interesting... I remember a while back there was discussion on moving the bus in a new way. I can't remember what it was on though. But there was a lot of discussion about EMPing or turbining the bus. Maybe we need to emp the bus then throw nades at it or something. I hate having a broken VGA cable, mine for xbox broke and they no longer sell them in stores I wish I could test all of this
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