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    Location of Die Rise, Link to Green Run & BO1, and the EE!

    Just changed my entire post, new info and took out the irrelevant link to Dunkov. Hopefully I'll find out more about the hotel soon
  2. So doing some research on Die Rise and 22 Provinces (The location of Die Rise) I found the following So basically it's saying that SARS was a virus going around in china, but later a russian scientist found out it must have been man made. And later in the article the whole conspiracy theory suggests it was a bio weapon made by the US. You are probably wondering what this has to with Die Rise, well the majority of the outbreak took place in 22 Provinces, which is where Dir Rise is located according to the loading screen. As for the link to Green Run the article says Remember way back before zombies came out everyone was mentioning how the zombies were in a hospital, and now that has been disregarded in most cases... Until now. After reading this I remember that the Green Run zombies were hospital patients and maybe they are actually patients of the SARS virus. After doing some more research I found another article, it stated tha following Yep... A HOTEL... IN HONG KONG. So basically we all know that obviously Die Rise is a hotel in the 22 Provinces, and the hotel where first cases were reported was in the 22 provinces, this seems a bit too good to be a coincidence Finally also there may be some linkage to the EE. On the same page I read the following And there is a dragon on Die Rise, that most likely has to do with the EE (Thanks to SpierBite). So maybe the whole EE revolves around taking down the devil, AKA the dragon. I will update this post with more info, and hopefully find more info on that hotel Update: Just found out the hotel I was referring to was actually in Kowloon. Which was a map in Bo1 interestingly enough, maybe there may be some info on the map, but that seems to be a stretch. Also here is a possible address: But the building doesn't look like the one in Die Rise so IDK... 75 Waterloo Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severe_acu ... y_syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SARS_conspiracy_theory http://www.revelation13.net/SARS.html http://www.hotelhongkong.com/hong-kong- ... onmap.html
  3. MonopolyMan

    How Can These Zombies Survive Lava?

    Ya, I find this interesting, I never really noticed how odd it is. And the fact that they explode. I think something happened to the zombies while they were at the hospital/asylum. Also has anyone tried to see what real life hospitals and asylums are near Hanford, because maybe that's a big clue.

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