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  1. Hello CODZ I have missed you 

    1. anonymous


      Good to see ya, Chopper

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Good to see ya @Chopper - have you started the move yet? I've been pretty quite myself recently, far too much work load, far to much happening at home and just no time for anything these days. Hardly played since March/April.


      Played very little of ZNS, GK and haven't played revelations at all.

    3. Lenne


      Hey Chopperooo.


      I/we missed you too.


      Can I bother you with a few questions?


      How do you feel about BO III as a whole? (gameplay wise)


      Did you see Hamiltons terrible start at Suzuka? At this rate we will see Rosberg as a world champion which I would welcome, but only if we actually saw a battle between the two. It comes down to the one with more luck winning the thing.


      How are you doing otherwise?

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