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  1. Just DLing Wolfenstein New Order - 40gbs. When I lived in Australia that was my total monthly allowance. I so want to go back but it's stuff like that stopping me!

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    2. Chopper


      I'm really excited about this game mate and I can't remember the last time I was like that. Never really played any FPS outside zombies but been on the old COD campaigns and enjoying those changed my mind about the genre.

    3. DeathBringerZen


      I was the same. Having been a huge Wolfenstein/Doom/ID fan I had to get it and the story, visuals and gameplay did not let me down. The only disappointing thing was that early in the game you can make a decision that splits the game into two paths. Unfortunately the different paths did not change enough in the game to warrant two run throughs, but damn is it not a great game regardless.

    4. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Amazing game, very low replay-ability, I suggest you chose to save mini-hypermole.

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