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  1. Hey I just wanted to bring my new theory here to the forums just to get the zombies community thinking. In Die Rise, above the elevator in the spawn room, there is some sort of chinese brail. Decoded, the chinese brail means the following: "From the shadow of the moon." Now to my theory. As of right now, the original characters are on Moon.(so we think) "From the Shadow of the Moon" is actually a book based in the 1960's. That is around the time of our original characters. The book is about a couple of astronauts returning from the moon and telling their story. See the connection? I think the original characters (still on moon) will return in future DLC. Remember, Treyarch did say that all of the original characters will be returning in ''some form.'' Either they will appear in Map Pack 2, or the last map pack.
  2. My theory is that Stulinger was injected with 115, thats why he keeps claiming he was 'Probed', instead of being probed he was injected. Its made him crazy and it shows in most of his quotes. He is also the only able to hear Richtofen. Judging from the TV radio quotes found in tranzit, Richtofen can only be in contact with people who have been in contact with element 115.
  3. Nuketown was based in the 1960's. Nuketown Zombies is based off Nuketown. Nuketown Zombies is based during Moon. This means that Moon was somewhere in the 1960's.
  4. the other towers could be the other towers in tranzit, because isnt there more than 1 tower in tranzit?
  5. the location of green run is in the state of washington, just google it and go to it's wikipedia page
  6. Hey guy's this all old information but I'm just now putting it together because a lot of people are clueless is to where TranZit is actually located. This is just one of three theries. Here are the three possible locations: Germany, New Jersey, or the state of Washington. Click the link below for my theory! :!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuppogIvRDY
  7. Hey guys I wanted to tell you who the tranzit characters were in Black Ops 2! If you dont believe me search the names that I state in the cod wiki site. Anyways, the girl is Abigail ''Misty'' Briarton. The nerd is Marlton Johnson. The black guy is Russman. The older white guy is Samuel Stuhlinger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqfcDFGZw-U
  8. Hey thanks for doing this, all of us here at CodZ appreciate it! keep up the good work!
  9. the reason why those 6 guns have 115 in their name, is because when you PaP them, you add element 115 to the gun, which makes it stronger.
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