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  1. Well maybe they men in Berlin or somthing.
  2. Chernov Mason? Good luck with that. They just wanted to say he had a military background, and the most logical war for his dad to be in was WWII. Mason didn't know of Reznov 'till Vorkuta. Well again, it was just a theory and i don't have anything to back it up accept that he was in WW2.
  3. I was looking through the terminal, and I found out that Mason's father served in WW2. What could this mean? Mabye he served with Reznov! Just wanted to note this finding. :geek:
  4. the comic page is for multiplayer but for solo it shows the video because at the end of the trailer it doesnt show only the ZCODL it shows a realistic nova zombie There is no multiplayer
  5. What if area 51 is the cut scene?
  6. Since you have the original maps you wont have to "fork over 15$" but [brains] for your great observation!
  7. but it wouldn't make sense because der riese is in germany not where shangri la
  8. are you sure, there was an element 115 metor that hit pennyslvania
  9. every zombies loading screen in bo is a book the loading screens are a book
  10. i my self being richtofen when i got the focusing stone he said something along the lines of (i can control them) hope this helped
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