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  1. I think we can say this about Maxis, at the very least; Something isn't right about him anymore. If the rockets destroyed the threat on earth, than why would zombies be coming when you go to Area 51? It doesn't seem to have fixed the problem, but perhaps caused a new one, or the most brought-up theory, exacerbated it. I can't definitively say that there is a partnership between these two enemies, but something isn't right about this, not right at all. I believe I posted here about the "Not Ready to Die" song, about how the song reflects the path that Richtofen has taken, the one he's curr
  2. I recognize these symbols from the wheels around the mud room. Perhaps this holds the key.
  3. These gongs seem to trigger some sort of noticible ambient effect when some of them are hit, but only certain ones will do it. Facing the pack a punch; 2 on the left, the closest one to the waterfall and the other side of the mud trap. the one at spawn. and one on the right, between the minecart and tunnel. I'm finagling around with these gongs, seeing if there is a correct order to press but it seems that these four can be activated just plainly, with no order needed. perhaps there is an order to the correct ones.
  4. I don't know, I don't see this illustrious 5 or little skull, and if you look at it, it bares the same features of juggernog, the little handle, the rounded out frame, etc. Besides why would they color it the same as jug? They couldn't think of another color? why not black or white? or fuchsia or bright glowing green?
  5. maybe... but maybe, He's going back in time to stop himself from experimenting on Samantha, therefore when they are killed, they just stay dead. In the CoTD song, The song says, though it's under scrutiny, "The Endless Possibility Controlling 935." But to my knowledge, the outbreak started immediately after her death, meaning he never held the reins after Maxis's death. This seems unlikely, but What would you do if you wanted to control the world?
  6. That seems like the DG-2, but there is something different about it, it looks more streamline. And what is that sticking out of the top of it? Is that the goldenrod?
  7. if I just saw right, then i believe the fire zombies are indeed a new form of zombie, much like the Nova Zombies.
  8. The crew aren't immune, They've already been effected. Remember Richtofen's notes on these men in CoTD? They were a part of a super-soldier program Group 935 was working on. They were already introduced to 115, and arguably, Richtofen has been exposed to enough 115 through his work with maxis, The DG-2, and his experiments that his insanity might be due to the exposure. Through their exposure, each of the three had received a different effect. Takeo would sit in his cell and mutters proverbs, to which Richtofen comments that his mind might have been destroyed in the experiments
  9. I do believe Takeo has most of his memory, but I don't think he wants to get closer to richtofen, but rather he wants to take care of Samantha before Murdering Richtofen.
  10. Here's my assertion to you; If they went back in time, wouldn't their be large ripples forward that we would notice? If they indeed went back in time, there would be some sort of ripple in the timeline that we'd be able to notice. And upon typing this, I figured out what doesn't match up. In CoTD, Richtofen has the stars retrieve the golden rod, and he leaves with it(as confirmed by dempsey who asks him, reluctantly, if thats a rod in his pocket, where Richtofen responds "Nein, Lets go, I have a meeting." Arguably, Richtofen means a meeting with Samantha, meaning that golden rod
  11. PyroZombie

    The PM-63

    Oh god, the Olympia. Get it away, can't we censor that word?
  12. To truly post my comments, I'll have to go through it extensively, I'll be putting your statements in unofficial quotes, and also italicizing them. -Qoute- Hello, so here's my theory about Abracadavre : "I can fly like a bird not in the sky Which can always swim and always dry I say goodbye at night and morning hi I’m part of you what am I I follow and lead as you pass Dress yourself in black my darkness lasts I flee the light but without the sun Your view of me would be gone" Meaning : Samantha saying by a riddle that she's a shadow following Richtofen.
  13. But Shangri-La is before CoTD so others can be changed too. This is very unlikely, what about the sounds of animals, or the allusion to "paradise"? It really makes no sense when looking at hard evidence.
  14. I have to think that they would do it in order, it would be too strange to do it any other way.
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