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    New Perk ????

    I don't know, I don't see this illustrious 5 or little skull, and if you look at it, it bares the same features of juggernog, the little handle, the rounded out frame, etc. Besides why would they color it the same as jug? They couldn't think of another color? why not black or white? or fuchsia or bright glowing green?
  2. PyroZombie

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    I do believe Takeo has most of his memory, but I don't think he wants to get closer to richtofen, but rather he wants to take care of Samantha before Murdering Richtofen.
  3. PyroZombie

    Abracadavre Analysis.

    To truly post my comments, I'll have to go through it extensively, I'll be putting your statements in unofficial quotes, and also italicizing them. -Qoute- Hello, so here's my theory about Abracadavre : "I can fly like a bird not in the sky Which can always swim and always dry I say goodbye at night and morning hi I’m part of you what am I I follow and lead as you pass Dress yourself in black my darkness lasts I flee the light but without the sun Your view of me would be gone" Meaning : Samantha saying by a riddle that she's a shadow following Richtofen. -End quote- I believe you hit the nail on the head there, but I think more needs to be there. I think it's more of a point towards the futility. "I follow and lead as you pass"; The idea of that whether or not they go someplace else, she will be there. And not only will she be there, but through her powers, she will lead them to their end. "Dress yourself in black, My darkness lasts", Perhaps a message solely to Richtofen, stating it doesn't matter if he appearance changes or not, she know it's him. This is where it gets a little strange, but stay with me. "I fear the light, but without the sun Your(Some folks say "Our") view of me will be gone." Now, I noticed something within the latest developments of our story.It would seem that Solar Eclipses mean something. It seemed to make Sam alot stronger, her presence being felt much more, considering the fly-trap easter egg, and their are rumors flying that the Eclipse in this one will make the zombies much stronger. In shangra-la, there are shots of pure daylight, something that we've never quite seen in a zombies map, it's always been hidden away, night, or foggy. This could mean that the eclipse and sunlight is key to finding and/or sending Sam away in our latest map. -quote- "I can see the damage that I Am causing you is so benign You want me to be gone But I have just be-gun I am the only one “undone” I’m a broken miracle now In your head I don’t feel Like I am real But I know It’s all imaginary Are they real And do they feel Is all the pain Just inside my head" Meaning : Samantha knows that she's "killing" Richtofen, but that she think this is benign compared to what Richtofen did to her and her father, Dr.Maxis, she says she's a broken miracle, and that she's undone, because she control zombies, but broken because she's dead. Then she says that she think that all is imaginary, that she's not dead, and it's all a dream. -end quote- I liked the first part, but you started to lose me after the first sentence. Personally, I think the term "Broken Miracle" refers to her state. While she is alive and powerful, but at the cost of her mind, body, and, for dramatic effect, her soul. The line "I'm the only one undone." might refer to the fact that, contrary to many of my theories regarding Dr. Maxis's current state, that she is the only one in her little world. It could also be regarding the idea that Richtofen's experiments have all been, for a lack of a better word, "upgraded", while she is left unraveled in the fabric of space and time. I believe your right on the cusp of the meaning of the chorus. I think, rather than her believing it's all a dream, this is a statement towards her disbelief that all this is happening in a kind of downward spiral into depression and madness that we've seen before. She wants it to be a hallucination, a dream that she will one day wake from. There is another short idea about the chorus, but I will explain it during a later section where i think this idea has greater value. -quote- "I am what men love more than life Fear more than death or mortal strife What dead men have and rich require I’m what contented men desire You, want me to be gone But I have just be-gun You will never know how far I’ve come What goes up must never come back down In your head I don’t feel Like I am real But I know It’s all imaginary Are they real And do they feel Is all the pain Just inside my head" Meaning : Richtofen saying by a riddle that he's nothing, that he know Samantha want him to be dead, but that she'll never know what he did, like the WunderWaffe DG-2, the teleporters, the zombies, and how far he survive to them, and that he will not do his downfall now. Then he say that he "know" that the zombies are inside his head, that he didn't killed Samantha, and he say all was just a dream. -end quote- Personally, I don't think Richtofen alone has much to do about this line. Rather, I believe the line is to the team, once again about futility. This time, about stopping her. Sam is sent through the teleporter the moment death looms. To cut to the chase,she might not retain a physical form anymore, as all teleporter's work on the sole idea of de-constructing matter and reconstructing it in another place.If something like the emergence of her powers, or the fact that the teleporter is malfunctioning(Regarding the fact that "Fluffy" didn't return immediately where she was supposed to,) her corporeal form maybe lost, and she may just now be sub-atomic energy vapor that is supercharged by the unupentium experiments that Richtofen performed behind her back. Since she holds no physical form, there isn't much bullets and explosives can do to her, which, until Ascension, was all the team really had, Not counting the Wonderwaffe, which would be absent or unseen until Call of the Dead. She believes to be immortal, but this map holds something very different from our normal assortment of weapons. I refer to, of course, The Gersch Device, our black-hole bombs. Gersch's physical state is relatively unknown, but some clues lead me to believe that Gersch existed in the same state as Sam. If his device, aided by other 115 related energies, could free Gersch, then maybe it is possible to effect Samantha. The only thing that perturbs me is the line "What goes up must never comes back down". I can't seem to wrap my head around it. It might be another riddle, but it might not just refer to her vaporous state, It's really difficult to say. Went off on a mild tangent, but never-the-less relative to the story and song. -quote- "It’s all inside my head It’s just inside my It’s all inside my They’re all inside my I see them always but they’re All inside my head All inside my head They’re all inside my head" Meaning : Richtofen and Samantha, saying that everything is just a dream. -end quote- No offense, but I don't think that's right at all. Rather than this, i believe for the most part, It's back to her recession of sadness and psychosis, with a rather interesting twist. The word "They". "They" is very robust word, used to describe groups, and sometimes is mentioned instead of the names of groups of power. It's possible she is referring to the team; No matter the difference, they still protect the one who wronged her, meaning they deserve death just as much as Richtofen. I think it is also referring to the hoard she commands. They are mindless, so they share no individual purpose or interest. They're sole purpose in they're un-life is to destroy her enemies. She sees them always due to the fact a little bit of her exists in all of them, so they are always being controlled by her, or they are always "in her head." -quote- "It’s killing me To see I’m killing you" Meaning : Richtofen, saying that everytime he remember him killing Samantha and her father, he's dying of regret. -end quote- I think you are, again, on the very cusp of it. I believe this refers to what Samantha gets out of killing Richtofen. Maybe it's physically killing her to see Richtofen, rather than the hyperbole. Perhaps the only reason she exists is to destroy him, and when he is destroyed, she will simply dissipate into the ether. -quote- "Death is magic Say Abracadavre Now…" Meaning : Samantha, saying that death is magic. (Probably because now she have power over zombies.) -End Quote- I have to say, nail on the head; right on the chin. -Quote- "You see me now you… Don’t cry when I am gone" Meaning : Here is an interresing step, You see me now? That means Richtofen met Samantha. I'll do a post about this meeting. I dont know if it is Samantha or Richtofen, but that explain that now : Richtofen want Samantha to be gone. Samantha want Richtofen to be gone Both will be happy if someone die. They will not cry. -end quote- I really can't tell you something better, but I'm almost certain it isn't this. Maybe it's something regarding her father watching over her. -Quote- "These shackles they come With certain opportunities They won’t let me get away But they show me we’re the same We’re the same We’re the same They show me that we are the same" Meaning : BIG STEP : Samantha, saying that she got an opportunity to kill Richtofen, and that she will not be free until she do it. And she understand why Richtofen killed her and her father, because he was forced to do it. She say that they're the same, forced to kill each other. This is a big step because now, we know that neither Samantha nor Richtofen want to kill each other, but : Samantha must kill Richtofen so she can rest in peace. Richtofen must kill Samantha (Again) so the zombies can dissapear. They both have to kill each other. Sad. -End quote- right and wrong, She does have her opportunity, at the cost of her humanity and mortality, bound by the idea of revenge. "They won't let me get away" must refer to the team's desire to live, once again saying she will be free once their deaths have been caused. "But they show me we're the same" Considering that this is in Ascension, where new voice clips are beginning to point towards the memories coming back to Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai, all of them showing a questionable attitude towards Richtofen, the most drastic being Takeo, who may have already had his memory come back, stating; "Richtofen, his evil is great. But not as great as what we fight today. One day, when the time is right I will make him pay for what he has done!". They are still mindless, but they're cause is changing. Though they unite against her, they are beginning to turn on Richtofen. Therefore, they are the same. -Quote- "I can’t give in I won’t give in It’s not a state of mind" Meaning : Richtofen can't die now, and he will not die, he will survive it's not a state of mind. -end quote- Again, I don't think Richtofen is involved in this personally, only in subject matter. She's stating that she will not give in to their persistence. Her will is not an effect of the experiments, but she really desires revenge. -quote- "I’m wretched but I’m powerful and" Meaning : Samantha, she's undead, she's wretched between Demonic Samantha and Good Samantha, but she's still powerful. -end quote- rather than the pull between the two personalities, which I'm sure exists though i think she isn't aware. She is aware that she is a monster, but she also acknowledges her useful power, useful at least towards her end. overall- you did well, but you looked too hard for drama between the two. Richtofen is a unfeeling monster, he doesn't care about the fact he killed her, nor the death of Maxis. He's a demented psychopath, and I'm sure we will see him taken care of, if not by Samantha, then by any of the other three. And if this long post breaks some rule, i apologize, but i felt putting in his excerpts would better my post's quality..

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