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  1. I want an old army Sergeant who's like 60 years old. Always negative about everything, everything was better in the old days. When buying an automatic weapon: "HOW DOES THIS THING WORK AGAIN?!" "Well, this sure as hell aint no lever action rifle...." Stamin-Up: "I'm STILL too old for this shit!" Speed Cola: "Fah! This'll wreak HAVOC on my blood sugar..." Killing Zombies "John? I haven't seen you in- OOPS you're dead..." "If you don't shut up, I'm gonna give you something to REALLY yell at!" (After a spree) "Hahahaha! Now's where's my goddamn prize?" Downed "Someone get the butcher!" Revived "Ah, fuck, YOU WOKE ME UP FROM MY NAP!" I'm loling right now.....
  2. Well, my thinking is that if mule kick gives a player the strength to hold three guns, why couldn't give a zombie strength to hold a weapon?
  3. I vote for "But I want it!", "Pack A Punch? I Think it makes vodka!" and And I add "Cawncentrate all fire on MacNamara" -JFK, Five and "No power! Just like home." Nikolai- Kino, maybe Der Riese
  4. For Mule Kick zombies should be carrying weapons, like axes or machetes (or sickles or katanas, depending on where the map is). They'd do twice the damage of normal zombies. And those Pro Perk zombies sound really OP.
  5. Let's just get this out of the way and say that iPod zombies is a hell of a lot easier than Xbox, but I must have some kind of skill when I made it to round 30 solo Kino on Xbox with no Downs, and recovered twice before round 50.
  6. I've also noticed monkeys tend to land around Stamin-Up, Quick Revive, and the Kassimir Courtyard, meaning mostly Stamin-Up, Jug and QR are attacked. I have yet to have flopper attacked.
  7. Note that you can buy all 5 perks directly from the machines. I have tested this, it does indeed work.
  8. I get the feeling the crawler thing is a glitch, and nah, don't take this seriously.
  9. When Ascension comes out (Hopefully Thursday), we'll know. If all the characters are the same as they are now, it's to save space. BUT, if they are different, there may be some story here.
  10. Hopefully I can [brains] you! These are great, man! Personally, I'd rather see Verruckt.
  11. Did you know that each original character has a character they favor and a character they hate? (At least, during Kino times)
  12. And now this intrigues me. Found this... According to him his highest scores, the ones that would allow him into the Richtofen group, are all Solo iTouch scores. Now unless he got to round 50 something on Co-op, and didnt update his signature afterwards, then this means that the iTouch Solo leaderboards made him eligible for Richtofen... Not trying to be a stickler about this, but if this is in fact the case, that his highest rounds where iTouch, how did he get Richtofen? As previously mentioned, dont want to be "that guy", but this seems a little unfair to me. So please do explain how this is possible. Thanks for the reminder :D
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