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  1. I was under the impression that iphone zombies is non-canon? I agree, that's what I read on the Wikipedia page. But whoever said Wikipedia was all-knowing.....? D:
  2. Okay wel just throwing THIS out there. Treyarch listens to the community here more than anywhere else. That being said Treyarch would NOT repeat NOT, make a symbol that reads zcodl. ITS CODZ forum for god sakes. ITS CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES. Not zombie call of duty. Not flaming by the way just saying how you are very wrong. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. Any links you would reccomend? I wouldn't mind seeing "proof" that we have a moon base! btw: Didn't quote proof to mock you, some people have different definitions of proof Aaaaaa I saw it in some documentary, can't remember the name of it :') but they were pretty convincing. Maybe I'm gullible. Idk :D
  4. Neeeiiinnn Dempsey hates Richtofen so he's likely comparing him to the zombies. Or, he knows Richtofen made the zombies, has heard him referring to them as his children, and hence mini-Richtofens
  5. There is much speculation and some proof that moon bases have already been established by the American military and they continue to live there. Also, the last space shuttle was recently launched by NASA. I don't know if there were people in there, or if they were being taken to the moon, but what goes up... must surely come down?
  7. Ahaha I heard that and I cracked up, like he would turn into some kind of weird monster type thing. He's too clever for that And I was reading on here and saw that some people thought he was dead!! Wtf D: That is so pessimistic -.-' Have faith in him guyz. :D
  8. Interesting theory. But it has the moon, so it might be a shooting star? I hope you're right though :D
  9. OH HELL YES. I see a certain German is back in his uniform. To quote Mr Dempsey... Oorah. Those monkeys look so cute as well, I love the idea of kind of being able to choose your power up, it's always annoying when you get a nuke at the end of the round... Minus the free 400 points. But beyond round 12 or so that's usually irrelevant. Do you guys think they will release more maps with these guys in?
  10. This map is lame! I totally agree with you everywhere is so narrow and it's hard to get beyond round 17 or 18, I got to 23 once with two people, you just get cornered all the time and even though it's in the Pentagon it's a bit boring... But it has Fidel Castro. And Castro's a legend ;)
  11. Ahh wow thank you I will join, but once I figure out how to make my name pink, how do I go about doing zis? D:
  12. *other new person, stalkin ur thread* Hello. 8-)
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