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  1. Actually the pentagon theif could be Gersch as Five and ascension are happening at the same time. Gersch gets sent to aether and is forced by Sam to take the Fours guns at the pentagon. He wants to be freed from her so he communicates telepathically to the other four at ascension to free him from her by maybe releasing his soul from his body or something. Also if you look at the ascension loading screen sorta Looks like the thief with a stubble and numbers on his face.
  2. I gt the points your trying to make but how does a man who was shot in the head then dropped 7 stories to the ground below knocking out an electric billboard on the way down to his death (if he wasn't already dead from the gunshot) in Kowloon get to the pentagon several years earlier looking older and zombified? You should stop getting so angry at people who are trying to bring up points though :? (not to be rude or anything). Also Ricthofen wasn't zombified yet when he teleported to NDU in iPhone version he turns after you finish the tutorial.
  3. I love the new homepage design , But there was just something about the old usergroup bars that I like better. It's probably just because I'm not used to the change, I'll probably end up liking the new usergroup bars more than the old ones in a week or so lol.
  4. Internet high five to the man/woman above this post :lol:
  5. After you finish the easter egg on solo or co-op you get the Wunderwaffe and a free perk everytime you kill goerge. For the max ammo thing, maybe he mixed up the words death machine and max ammo? I mix up words all the time :D
  6. That's really funny :lol:
  7. Hey how's it going, first time post here on the site. Just wanted to introduce myself. Ive lurked the site since before ascension was released but I probably would've joined earlier if my computer didn't get a virus that didn't seem to go away no matter what, ( it blocked out the Internet so I couldn't install anti virus software and it blocked me from using Ctrl alt del somehow) however it was old and slow, generally cheap,we needed a new one anyways, but I digress. I've been on the forum reading through posts nearly every day on my iPhone. I love zombies and the site( it's so addicting ) and I hope for more theories, mysteries , and Easter eggs galore in the future. See yeah around. Sorry I just had to do this just once Regards NarwhalRAGE!!! Teehee!!!
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