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    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Anyone try zapping PaP wit beast , either before or while sumones tryin upgrade ?
  2. Starbizzie

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news...

    Wut if U Play As the Crew From APOLLO 18 !!!!!!! New movie Were we went to the Moon and found......zombies!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F6DU6gx7-w
  3. i still dont think they mean anything other than they are the number to the dials. i also found a vid that shows all there locations. hope it clears it up bit. WlwaLUIZgoc
  4. They are just number so they really would not say ne thing, but they are deff the pieces torn off , I thinks that's it, although I heard sum were that the poster is actuall a mayan type calendar, don't know how tru that is , but it would add insight to the temple/ruins in the loadin screen...clue..????.
  5. ok this does have to do with the dials, if u look on the map there are pieces from each color torn off. these pieces of paper have the numbers to the dials at the lighthousse on them. they are at the locations on the paintings. for instance if u go to stamainup there is a life ring wit the blue number 6 in it. it has to do wit the easter egg , for people who really tried to do it the real way.
  6. Starbizzie

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    alright ive been lookin at this for a while, and was wondering maybe the symbols relate to the main characters . at first i thought it was like a engraving of a broadsword ....and i was thinkin cool maybe its a clue to a new weapon in a upcoming map. now that i see others call it a dagger, i was thinkin it now may relate to the characters ..so who could the dagger belong to ...BUFFY?!?!. so does buffy need to be there or shoot it or wuteverthehell. And are there other symbols around the map that relate to the other players, and if so , do all players need to be at each engraving. wut if u can get the melee weapons from the cut-seen . found buffys dagger.

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