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  1. Anyone try zapping PaP wit beast , either before or while sumones tryin upgrade ?
  2. its so people stop backing out after dying.u prolly get to play like a dead ops mini arcade game or sumtin while waiting.
  3. On the Xbox dashboard they got like a 20sec. sneekpeek of Gameplay its after some toy soldiers game clip juss fastfoward to the end . They Said they will have more on sat. It looks great the zombies float when ur outside it looks like they are slower when they float,and its also shows hanger18 n stuff real quick
  4. Wut if U Play As the Crew From APOLLO 18 !!!!!!! New movie Were we went to the Moon and found......zombies!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F6DU6gx7-w
  5. u guys do know if u can run into him and blow him up , thus using no ammo on him....i seen the 1 guy sayin they were waitin 4 a max ammo to kill him. if u run into him he'll blow (pause) juss make sure the other zombies dont down u .
  6. that other slide has to do with the easter egg , that were them guys is stuck , when ur on that part of it u have to hit it on the way down to activate , its like a drain run off , cuz if u listen during u can here them gettin overwhelmed with water, doing this frees them , but u should try havin sum1 hit the waterfall and have sum1 on the slide at the same time .
  7. they do if a Player dies one of the stones go down then u only have 2 step on 3 instead to PaP
  8. i also noticed In like 2 or 3 clips there were Gong like things ...mabe the activate the mystery song ya knoo
  9. ok so the last map is Shangri-la a quick wiki of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shangri-La intresting info!!!! also If u look under Location it says India Dont like to toot my own horn but the info is all there,i also love how the storys Being made. most is ancient mythology, most people dont even kno the storyline ,which is sad, butits that much better for those who kno . start digging. i think this wiki page can help alot. good info. might tie into the map somehow
  10. go watch my thread with the COTD easter egg video NOW Wait ..What..Were???...ANd ...WHY.
  11. Ok so i been keepin up wit all this . Now I was Watchin Ancient Aliens on my netfilx i suguest u guys watch it. it was the episode about alien techonolgy. in this episode they went into nazi techonolgy and also mention the vrill society in connection to hitler. it goes on to show how the vrill society Harnessed this new type of power. now they show sumthing but i forgot the name, but it looked juss like the golden rod. it was said they got it from a temple of the gods in India, and the gods in india used this power source back in the day. now i was thinkin Could the next map Be That TEMPLE, idk if the trees in the loadinscreen are those that grow in India........mabe . also the vrill was said to have contacted a "mothership" and were takin off earth, sort of like what happens when u get the golden rod . it was said they helped hitler build a vrill powered nazi spaceship. and they help hitler reach the moon in 1942 where he made a underground base on the moon .also after the war and the nazi were defeted the virll packed all there stuff in a underground vault in antartica...call of the dead?. Food for thought u do the dishes.
  12. i still dont think they mean anything other than they are the number to the dials. i also found a vid that shows all there locations. hope it clears it up bit. WlwaLUIZgoc
  13. They are just number so they really would not say ne thing, but they are deff the pieces torn off , I thinks that's it, although I heard sum were that the poster is actuall a mayan type calendar, don't know how tru that is , but it would add insight to the temple/ruins in the loadin screen...clue..????.
  14. ok this does have to do with the dials, if u look on the map there are pieces from each color torn off. these pieces of paper have the numbers to the dials at the lighthousse on them. they are at the locations on the paintings. for instance if u go to stamainup there is a life ring wit the blue number 6 in it. it has to do wit the easter egg , for people who really tried to do it the real way.
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