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  1. I thought I told y'all to not touch anything while I was gone.

  2. Yes, you can discuss the Juggernog Edition of Black Ops III, including its contents.

  3. Goodbye, deuces. Hello, three bar thing.

  4. Be on the lookout for new articles on the front page.

  5. Oh hey, my banner is up again. What a surprise!

    1. InfestLithium
    2. HitmanVere
    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Love the logo, loved it last year, loved it this year - although I have replaced it with a resized version ;-)

  6. For those of you who don't enjoy the little "prank", try changing the site's theme. It should help sort things out.

  7. Wish I could download Ascendance. Thank you, SHG and Activision for not letting the damn game recognize I have the season pass.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      reddit is saying to delete the season pass, clear cache, dl season pass again, and should resolve issue. Not sure if you had seen that yet @Flammenwerfer, i saw your post on there about not buying season passes anymore... im ozarkslam21 over there on reddit

  8. Had regionals this past weekend. Ended up scrubbing out but I got some good stuff and I already have my nats invite anyway. Overall, good weekend.

  9. Looking for a good player or two to play Exo Zombies later on the Xbox One. Still need to get an achievement.

    1. BennetsGreen


      I've got all of them, il give you a hand in 20

  10. My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain...the unstoppable Exodia.

    1. Slade


      Ah! Impossible!


    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      For AW? That would almost make picking up that game worthwhile, lol.

    2. Flammenwerfer


      Yup. New Exo Zombies map features Burgertown in it.

  12. New Usergroup inbound.

    1. Flammenwerfer


      Scratch that. New Usergroup has arrived.

    2. GRILL


      Friendly huggernaut inbound

    3. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      new usergroup: love me

  13. Finally got an Obsidian Steed. Now if only my aim wasn't utter crap.

    1. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      still waiting. the best elite gun i have is the IMR - Boar Strike. So yeah, i haven't gotten shit lol. Meanwhile my friends keep asking me how i haven't gottne all the good ones since they all have Steed, RIP, Insanity, Speakeasy, etc. lol

    2. Inconcievable


      Someone should make a list of the best Elite guns, or the best versions of each guns, for that matter. Whatever works in the end. (It'd be useful for me, at least)

    3. Flammenwerfer


      I'll get right on it.

  14. I feel like I missed something.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      A shooting star?

      The game?

      I feel like I've missed something too, think it was the shops ;)

    2. Boom115


      Yesterday was FlammenFriday, but you know on a Saturday.

  15. Might be moving out into a new place with new people. Only problem is that I don't know them as well as my current roommates/friends...

    1. InfestLithium


      I'm not a known roommate?!

  16. Exo Zombies can be so frustrating. The only good weapons to upgrade seem to be from the printer.

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Sorry I meant to put STG.

    3. RedDeadRiot


      That burst gun in the hub isnt terrible, effectiveness wise I'd compare it to the STG in DR

    4. InfestLithium


      I've found the AMR9 to be a very good wall gun.

  17. Step 1: Completed. Car will be here Friday.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Step: 2 Aquire black tuxedo and at least 12 chickens....

  18. Won a free phone from work, then proceeded to lose money at the casino. Overall, still came out on top!

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Ah, the life of feeling lucky.

  19. Gotta try to make some major changes in my life. Step one: get a working car.

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Excellent step, let me know when you get to skewering the winged beast....interested to see your interpretation :p

  20. Anyone care to join me for getting some Exo Zombies achievements today? On Xbox One.

  21. Just watched Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Very interesting move, and a neat way of putting the whole "horror" genre in perspective.

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