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  1. Sorry to dissapoint, but there isn't any easter egg for Shangri La in solo. Think about it, if you have had the focusing stone after completing the egg, you know you get all 7 perks. Here's where common sense should kick in. Because those 7 perks are PERMANENT, it would make no sense to let you do that in solo. If you did, you could just play round by round until you can't do no more. So you could reach over 100 rounds (if you could stay awake long enough) and hardly feel like you had done anything because you can't die. It'd be cool though!
  2. I'm not saying I am correct with this, but I'm sure this is accurate. If you listen to the phones in Ascension and hit them, I've heard Fidel Castro on one, and Nixon on another. So the phones in Ascension MUST be trying to reach the Pentagon, and the ringing phones in "FIVE" are calling the guys at the Cosmodrome! So Dempsey and the crew are fighting there, while JFK and his group are fighting in the Pentagon AT THE SAME TIME! And "FIVE" takes place during the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS! So "FIVE" and Ascension are at the SAME TIME!!! Also, I'm sure it was confirmed that Call of the Dead takes place in March 2017.
  3. If anyone knows how, can they have a look in the game files and try to find the name for the Shangri La music? we found it before for ascension in the file "mus_gameover_abracadavre", so it could be the same for this one!
  4. to be honest, i'm a bit dissapointed with the 20 seconds of footage, but we have a lot of new things to talk about. that new gun looks EPIC and i like the day - night changes too! looking forward to it
  5. I'm not saying that this is legit, but it seems stupid that Treyarch would leak ANOTHER map pack right after Escalation makes it to PC and PS3. Besides, GameStop always find out first, so everyone would rush on to it to find anything, like we did for the last map pack. It's just a matter of waiting to find out if this is true or not, but Treyarch aren't exactly the best at giving the public what they want, so don't expect anything within the next fortnight. P.S I know it's a blurry picture, but I can just make out the map slogans: Invade Hangar 18 Escape the Hazard Attack at the Drive-In Infiltrate the Silo Obliterate the Zombies
  6. listen closely in the opening scene. after the zombie grabs george and runs off, just before michael rooker speaks, there is a splash. ill leave you to it
  7. its quite obvious that a7x are doing the easter egg song, but i have 2 theories. one is that the ascension game over song is for mp3, and two is that both the a7x and ksherwood songs are in the map, as seperate easter eggs. btw bin laden is dead
  8. ak has been in every zombie map so far, so i don see it going away. you cann see the silenced uzi for a brief moment in englund's hands when they use the flinger
  9. this is just a brief list of CONFIRMED weapons for call of the dead: M1911 Commando MPL AUG FN FAL Famas RPK AK74u HK21 G11 MP5K M16 Ray Gun Unnamed Wonder Weapon (for now i'll call it the fire blaster) Death Machine Matroyshka Dolls NEW WEAPONS: KS-23 Uzi (silencer, so maybe we can have attachments?) Unnamed Sniper Rifle WEAPONS NOT TO APPEAR: Thundergun Winter's Howl Gersch Device Monkey Bomb If you find anything else post it here. UPDATE: the unnamed wonder weapon is called the V-R11 Semtex China Lake Crossbow AK47 Stakeout MPL (not the Uzi, i realize that now)
  10. the new song's name will probably be in the game files, as with the last one. if anyone finds it in there, post it
  11. i dont know if this will be any help to anyone but heres something. if you see this in a lobby: "Migrating hosts...." then the game will be fine. if you see this: "Migrating hosts....1,2,3 etc" then you'll 9 times out of 10 be kicked. so remember, when you see the numbers, you'll be kicked.
  12. step 5: HITSAM step 7: gersch device part of node puzzle step 8: free gersch
  13. i have to say this is THE BEST theory i have seen for any map. good work and hope its a reality. ps. gersch is alive, yuri is dead ((
  14. ok ive been thinking for a while about the new map. i have two ideas, one being the map based off the mission THE DEFECTOR. if you look around the whole area of the mission, it clearly screams ZOMBIES at you. cracked walls, blood stains, meesed up rooms etc. i think that most of us think the same. plus its set in vietnam, so vietnamese zombies sounds cool. my other idea is that the map DISCOVERY will be the new map. it seems like a really good place to put zombies in and when i was looking around the map i found a POWER SWITCH that looked like the one from zombies at the back of the map. that gave me a good idea to think this. so what do we think? DISCOVERY OR THE DEFECTOR?
  15. i am more than aware of the idiots out there (u know who u are) who think nacht der untoten has something to do with the zombie story. bad news for u guys. IT'S NOT! IT IS JUST A BONUS MAP FOR THE MODE. VERRUCKT IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED. U DONT SEE ANYTHING TO DO WITH 935, ILLUMINATI, MAXIS, SAMANTHA, OR ANYONE IN THE MAP!!! anyway most people should know this by now so for the guys who havent i suggest u listen.
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