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  1. Ive got to the ball step 4 times now all at round 12+ and still hearing interesting stuff while downed with whos who but got a problem. My team cant seem to get the elevator step done before round 8 at the earliest despite having the power on sonce round 3 so i wish to know the easiest way to sync the lifts (incluing best way to utilize the keys from starting room elevator)
  2. Is who we get the svu as determine which side of the easter egg we get? If someone other than samuel gets the svu then i only ever here maxis from that point on. Vice versa its richtofen. If thats the case then its pretty weak way to do an easter egg from treyarch, hope they are not running out of ideas. I still cant see what significance this easter egg has yet on the story. Apart from the fact mending the rift signifys the time space rift proved i the fact we are stuck in a loop on die rise due to the intro screen
  3. Like the good ol days of der riese and the hole in the wall? Still remember those days CC Any chance your up for some myth busting at some point on Die Rise? Not for anything im particular but just lookimg at things outside the box so to speak?
  4. Lol shame your kidding. Syndicates a stealing twat That aside while looking at phd you can glitch through the floor below to see through above where phd is there. Theres no connecting textures not laid out hidden path so unless theres a trigger that loads in new parts of the map then it is JUST a troll from treyarch
  5. As we are talking about timelines as i did with tac ages when i put the first timeline thread up in blops 1 days. We can only travel forward in time right? We havent ever gone back in time in the storyline so that should always be the basis for alternate timeline theories. I love re going over the timelines but ive always done so with the stipulation of time travel only going forward, has there been quotes suggesting time travel going back in time? Could it even be possible? It brings up alot of new theories if so, however doubtful it may be
  6. New york, china town lol ;)
  7. Tbh it has merit, as info mentions you need to set beacons (like tower of babbel) on at least 3 points around the world. Only problem is how they will justify how the new four got there in the first place (and no, teleporting is so world at war)...unless we play as he frieghtul four once again....
  8. Is there any proof that we have travelled back in time in zombies? As far as the MDT is concerened we have only traveled forward in time, never back, so the bus cant travel through time as the aether hasnt been mentioned in that context either So the time zone is post 2011, which is the furthest official date in any of the maps so 2025 could be an apt time if i remember CoTD
  9. Was quite interested in kobold goblins, some say they are from germany and some pictures look similar, although tac you did great, i think your on to something there However as for the skulls in shangri la, way off @laser Peruvian skulls or even more likely sumerian skulls, sumerian by chance are also linked to the Vril...
  10. Can anyone confirm the bolded part? I am having a hard time getting random pubs to cooperate with me Either way, have we scoured the map for any hidden switches ala the Der Ries flytrap. (For those too young in zombies to know, and those too old to remember: Der riese had a switch waaay outside the movement bounds of the map that could only be activated by hitting it with a PaP'd Sniper rifle.) That open area above diner makes me suspicious of any switches nearby One of Zielinski's new tweets makes me think that there is something at the top of the Diner that is special aswell. Here it is: jimmy zielinski jimmy zielinski ‏@ZielinskiJimmy @josecha34156229 above the bar, then jump when over run...over to the apartment, and jump, rinse, repeat. "Above the bar" that is what makes me think that he wants us to try stuff at the top of the Diner. I just don't really understand what the rest of it means, if this ends up indeed being a hint. Keep in mind, this reply was sent to a completely random person, with a nearly empty twitter, asking a question that doesn't even have anything to do with anything he was talking about previously. EDIT: Here's the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy/stat ... 2309027841 Wrong, completely unrelated to EEs, the guy asked were is the best place to camp, nothing more nothing less
  11. Awesome sounds good, I would ask that you let them know however if it contains spoilers or things that would straight up tell the next step that they do NOT release it on the forums. I was hoping for more of a private look at it if people wanted to. Not to go spilling info all over the place. the people ive sent it too so far are all trusted codz vets and wont release it, i gave them the full coding without getting rid of the naff bits that arent relevant, tbh unless you know what your looking at this code is confusing to say the least, and ive been dealing with treyarchs coding since [email protected]
  12. i have started replying to pms as i go along, 5 people have the code already, ive tried to isolate specifics to zombies only to make life easier, ive also done a legend to highlight specific things that dont pertain to the easter eggs as such but still do/or could affect it, everyone sould have it who have asked shortly.
  13. still trying to confirm all the triggers but the above code refers to RICHtofens and MAXis Easter Egg, the completion triggers the Achievement, but the code is conflicting, it looks like theres more but it is not classed as part of the achievement, or any other achievement. Do i believe its completed? Yes, Do i believe theres more to come? hell yeah, the code seems to suggest triggers with no pathways which indicate to me (at Least) more will/or could be put in via patches.
  14. sq = SideQuest and the tower of babbel build items are also codenamed _sq
  15. zm_total_rich_sq_complete zm_total_max_sq_complete

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