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  1. Could be that you keep the papd balistic knife after going down with whos who? And have to be in two places at once. Eiher that or ita ascension all over again where you need specific weapons to do the egg So SVU unpapd Ballistic knife paped 2 more needed....?
  2. To be screwed over you jave to of actually completed the egg first. They havent and proof was provided https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWmHVdd ... ata_player
  3. Just uploaded this as proof of hes GT NOT completing the egg yet neither has any of hes friends on hes friends list either Just gonna leave this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWmHVdd ... ata_player
  4. He hasnt completed it. Im on hes profile he doesnt have the high maintanence achievement. He hasnt finished the easter egg
  5. Ive got to the ball step 4 times now all at round 12+ and still hearing interesting stuff while downed with whos who but got a problem. My team cant seem to get the elevator step done before round 8 at the earliest despite having the power on sonce round 3 so i wish to know the easiest way to sync the lifts (incluing best way to utilize the keys from starting room elevator)
  6. Considering the tiles are usually in a different order every time then i would guess its very important later on
  7. Im sure everyones seen the huge panda sign right? And everyone knows theres 2 ways to do the easter egg right? Well i was in theater exploring while my character was down via wos who perk and the sign was glowing slightly. This i thought could be nothing until i zoomed in with the papd svu. Sure enough theres circular recess in both eyes that happen to be the exact same size as the balls in the dragpons mouth. Just wanted to know if anyones thought about flinging the balls at the sign?
  8. Is who we get the svu as determine which side of the easter egg we get? If someone other than samuel gets the svu then i only ever here maxis from that point on. Vice versa its richtofen. If thats the case then its pretty weak way to do an easter egg from treyarch, hope they are not running out of ideas. I still cant see what significance this easter egg has yet on the story. Apart from the fact mending the rift signifys the time space rift proved i the fact we are stuck in a loop on die rise due to the intro screen
  9. Like the good ol days of der riese and the hole in the wall? Still remember those days CC Any chance your up for some myth busting at some point on Die Rise? Not for anything im particular but just lookimg at things outside the box so to speak?
  10. Thanks that helps alot infact. So heres where im upto. 1. Four players are needed. 2. Four players each need a piece of the flinger. 3. 1 player also needs to get the sniper. 4. All players head to flinger room and build the flinger (this done with power OFF gave me some new dialoge but due to characters talking i couldnt hear properly) Next step iim going to try is either Shoot the two balls Or Have each player stand on one of the four good luck symbols. Having to re do all steps due to 2 players dropping out so need to find myself 2 new team mates :-(
  11. Could the Two lion statue symbols on the floor in the other building have anything to do with it maybe?
  12. Quick question. Does that fall under province 22?
  13. I believe its the voices of the aether. Remember before samantha become demon bitch. When maxis and richtofen were at der riese maxis mentions hearing voices and in terminal filea richtofen script also supports this, i believe its niether maxis or richtofen. But element 115 paranoia itself
  14. Ok so quick question. Ive been doing some recon on solo and lookin into both easter eggs maxis is my focus now though Heres what my theory was. In green run we get maxis easter egg by NOT turning on the power. Heres the conundrum. The tv that speaks to you above sliqifier workbench, it works after the powers on right? Well the woman the says the GERMAN MAN no longer speaks to her. I put two and two together and thought well. Maxis could only talk when power was OFF so i went all the way back after getting the sniper rifle to see if she then tells us what maxis has said. Follow so far? Power on = tv lady saying german man isnt talking any more so if i do power off = would she tell us a step instead? Sound theory i thought however, the tv isnt useable howeve all the other tvs are now bleeping constantly. So i need to know if i can get to the roof after the sniper room? Is there a way without power on. I believe this is the key! BUT only with the flinger AND sliqifer gun. This is my theory. The ghost perk has brought some interesting results but nothing that points me in a specific direction. Also when powers not on and i acivate several tvs theres a huge storm sounds in the background that reminds me of the noise of perks dropping / electric thunder storm from green run. Its deafing at time. No idea if that helps anone
  15. After going onto theater i looked around. There was no secnd stone in the second dragon. However after my game crashed i uninstalled and reinstalled. The different textures are no longer there and i no londer get the focusing stone on solo now either. Just a messed up texture that looked like the focusing stone The second item i thought i saw was the golden rod ontop of the crown building. However after pack a punching the easter egg sniper rifle and after the re install its no longer golden just a wierd shaped pipe that resembles the golden rod. Really annoyed all this effort was wasted due to a glitch in the textures... I will say this though so not all is lost, explore as a Ghost. Theres some wierd metoerite sounds in 2 places around the map. 1st one is near th flinger workbench. Zombies got me before i could finish looking but was close. Gonna try and see if theater helps.
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