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  1. Yeah thanks. I picked up BF4 instead and that has been awesome. I am a big COD franchise fan but it sounds like it is crap. I do have Black Ops 2 still so I could just run that. I was so hyped by the new COD though, but it sucks it turned out to be so bad.
  2. I have been turned off by the game as I really as looking forward to buying it, but I am now waiting. Anyone here play on PC...is the hacking bad?
  3. I was all about it, but days before seen all the hacking issues and then read all the IGN reviews. The game gets like 1.5 or 2 out of 10 for XBOX and PC...that has me really thinking I will buy it maybe months down the line. I picked up BF4 and its been awesome.
  4. Welcome! Yeah I am a PC player only, the only way to go IMO.
  5. Welcome!!! Zombies FTW!
  6. I cannot wait for this, I think Infinity Ward does an excellent job. Personally, the maps on MW3 were way better than that of the Black Ops games. I thought maps on MW3 were more life like and less cartoonish. It looks awesome.
  7. Robbie


    Welcome and yes the sig is funny lol
  8. Hello everyone, Black Ops is awesome, and want to get more into the zombies part of it. So going to be checking out some stuff here and I look forward to seeing you guys around. Cheers.
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