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  1. As soon as i stopped being mezmerised by your avatar, i decided to reply in agreement. It is getting pretty annoying now. Lol glad I'm not the only one. Strange thing is, since I posted that above, I've had. 6 more pm's!
  2. Nothing special, 46" LG HD TV, LG HomeCinema System 1000w, Pyramat Gaming Chair. It does the trick
  3. Although I am an example of the UK Zombie Group, I do not have ANY control over who gets in and who doesn't so PLEASE stop pm'ing me and direct your pm's to Carbonfibah ( memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2 ) the Daddy of the Codz Forum. Thanks for your attention :)
  4. I've found that if you shoot George 3 times with the VR-111 while standing by the icy slope, then go down the slide with George giving chase he gets a bit lost bless him and wont bother you again ;-)
  5. At the base of the lighthouse where the ak47u is, I can hear what I can only describe as bubbling water? Anyone heard the same? Also, WTF is the sliding door noise when George goes nuts? I've looked all around, found nothing, but noise is louder near the base of the lighthouse where I heard the other noise. Related?
  6. Yea, Dl the update last night, saw CoTD in the playlist. All good and well. Its the 1/230096 people in playlist they confused me. Who the hell was the 1 person playing CoTD and how did they dl the maps from the store?!?!?!
  7. Good work Carbon, keep up the hard work. Anychance of my UK Zombie group please :D
  8. Anyone tried shooting the lightbulb with the dg2? You know, re-electrify it? Maybe the heat from the bulb once lit melts the ice?
  9. Check out Deckchairs thread mate. viewtopic.php?f=42&t=10729 Shows you how to use all the buttons and what not. :mrgreen:
  10. Hello to you too matey! Welcome to Codz :D
  11. Probably just a coincidence, but I wait till the ? is fully lit up gold before opening the box and 8/10 will get one of the better weapons like the raygun out.
  12. Threw that in coz it made me chuckle lol ( Read it in Tank Dempsey voice) i see Sam looking a bit like this - I present Dr Maxis, Sam and err Fluffy? LOL
  13. I can indeed see the Sword/Dagger but if you rotate the pic 90 Deg either way, I see: A Monkey face at the top A necklace at the bottom I see a mans face at the bottom (possibly wearing a pontiff type hat) A Waterfall scene with a Temple buit at the top. All just my opinions and prob very wrong but food for thought :D
  14. Could it be trying to establish a timeline, ie after Ascension but before The Temple on DS? And has anyone explored the levels in the DS version for clues?
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