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  1. Flipfoot

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Er guys, Don't want to worry anyone, but, well, er, lemmie just show you the pics I took with my scope: This dude was like something out of The Matrix, dodged every one of my .50cal Barrett. I'm thinking we need some spray & prayers here. This dude, 12 head shots, clean between the eyes and he is still coming!
  2. Flipfoot

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Hi guys and gals. Just got back from exploring the area outside. Found some supplies, dunno guess they will help someone out. 1 Box of Rubber Bands 2 Tubs of Soap 3 Bundles of Kindling wood 1 Bottle of strange substance, half empty 3 Red Beetles 4 Black Beetles The Beatels (She loves you yea yea yeaaa)
  3. Flipfoot

    Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Any room for a little one? Just me, my Barrett .50 Rifle, 10 crates of Lager, a BIG bag of "sherbert", and an empty bubblegum pack. I came here to kick ass and chew gum, and I'm all outta gum!
  4. Flipfoot

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Anyone tried shooting the lightbulb with the dg2? You know, re-electrify it? Maybe the heat from the bulb once lit melts the ice?
  5. Flipfoot

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    I can indeed see the Sword/Dagger but if you rotate the pic 90 Deg either way, I see: A Monkey face at the top A necklace at the bottom I see a mans face at the bottom (possibly wearing a pontiff type hat) A Waterfall scene with a Temple buit at the top. All just my opinions and prob very wrong but food for thought :D
  6. Flipfoot

    The Face Behind The Avatar

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