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    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    OH GAWD....i thinki i just found first part of this puzzle with pic........ if you start at A (which happens to be Lander A) you can follow the alphabet by going to b which is the symbol of next one then Lander C and from there you activate it to take you to middle D and arrow pointing to Middle is E from there....and alphabet is continuing ....i'm still following it
  2. AlexBruhBruh

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    what's the 4th step to even get to this ????? also ..this is very confusing but that symbol that looks like A means D in russing pronounced "deh"
  3. AlexBruhBruh

    NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    I would definently like to add you and you could record sometime today ?
  4. AlexBruhBruh

    NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    true true......
  5. AlexBruhBruh

    NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    UMMMM sorry lol but i did post this a while before you ...don't want to start a forums war but i did post this before you and a little more detailed ....sorry but brains anyway i guess lol XDDD -___- but seriously ...don't take credit
  6. AlexBruhBruh

    NEW Me and my Team's Finding !!! 6 RADIOS AND MORE !

    sorry about attention whore thingy lol just found all of this stuff so i have a major rush ! and about the order....a few of them are around but one in beginning room and one next to nikolai and one next to stamin-up appear later after activatinga few
  7. Ok so i'm going to start with the Petrusca dolls.... also when it comes to radio... they pop up in a order - One next to Speed Cola (nikolai) - One on i think it's Lander B on a like barrel that's on fire (Tank) - One one shelf next to PHD Flopper (Takeo) - (hard to describe this room) But room that if you go up two stairs will be power room and you can also walk out of it leading towards PhD room and pap route.... (Richtofen on a table) RADIOS - If your looking at the stairs that lead to Lander A and PHD Flopper ...to the left inbetween two barriers - One At Pap room on a shaft to the right - One at Lander B i think it is behind a truck in a mesh of things - One in main room on bottom floor right below where teddy is in between some stuff - One right next to Nikolai doll ( pops up after a few radios) - This one popped up last ...next to Stamin-Up if ur looking at it look to the right and it's behind this concrete type of collapsed wall right before the window with all the like technical stuff in it WE ARE STILL LOOKING !!!! [brains] [brains] [brains] onto Generators - We threw a Gersh Device next to generator near PHD Flopper ..it's in like an open area to the right and it's flickering...once it started it went into gersh device and guy started talking about Samantha and how she's getting closer ...we apparently need to find more (we're working on it) but when ur near it you hear like a windy sound or type of screaming..i heard the screaming near juggernaut when monkeys came ...so we're still looking for that and Radios ALSO ! When Generator was found , activated a tv in i think Lander B area (tank doll in there) and it's in the water under some stairs that has a window...it starts flickering once you activate Generator and you click it and Illuminati symbol comes on (eye) ...the guy will begin to talk again about finding generators to help him and stop sam MOST FINDS I THINK SO FAR ME AND MY TEAM (Major Mosel is apart of it on Forums) AND I'LL KEEP UPDATING ON MORE FINDS [brains] [brains] [brains] *****UPDATE**** ummmm apparently i'm being accused of posting this and stealing from someone else ? when i had 6 radios and they had 5 ???? i don't steal lol *****UPDATE***** Me and group (after activating node .... 2/5 puzzle peice) i've been always hearing a sound near juggernaut with same whistling as when we found first generator ..then someone said they saw a button near PHD Flopper so we went to all of them and all but Quick Revive have a button next to it ...

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