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  1. I do this a good bit, kills with the points also!! :ugeek:
  2. Hello, Lurking for sometime , got 3 friends hooked on zombies and I like the site. Have got some new tactics from reading and watching the site. HAppy Hunting Shark [brains]
  3. Yeah once I found it my game got better as i like to hack and slash
  4. Not that bad at all esp for a first time
  5. 22 w 3 i think that my ray/ scavenger combo works good as i do circles around map and help teammates out with it
  6. 17 w 4 but 2 kept going down faster then a prom date.... I used jugg deadshot ray gun and Hyena i just zip lined and run and gunned
  7. I seem to get it once a game..... Got the vr11 only one time :cry:
  8. Yeah my friend said I was sparking the other day also
  9. this is the one i want to know about :ugeek:
  10. the paper never noticed it.... [brains]
  11. i got mine off dashboard , but its widespread as i can tell
  12. Look at all those stairs in the background..... also yeah a pap gun round 2 crazy
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