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  1. WTF? i aint downloading nuin from you. all though i do gotta tell ya, it is a prety lame program
  2. wow good one forgetto. your basic analysis have failed you miserably. please go back and try it again. seriously.. 5 characters... whatever ...
  3. ^^^ fugly kitty.. *not a cat hater, but ur cat looks like henry pooder with out the mustache. *snarff *snarff. meeeow.. meeeow meow meow. meoww meow. back to topic. time to unload the BANHAMMER!!
  4. ive already checked threw this. i debunked it in one of my previous threads. its nothing. not an easter egg, nothing.
  5. to b honest with you, i still think theres something in ascension that we are missing. now i dont know if its a secret room, (doubt it) but usually i search either here (codz.com) or youtube freaquently. lately i'v noticed that after you get the DEATHMACHINES the next step is shooting the tubes by the swamp in the staminup room. then after that your able to buy the winters howl from the mystery box. now i cant rely on people to understand this but there is proof out there that this is a possibilty. one is from this poster and theres also another image floating around the web where theres picture proof of a winters howl on asc. check it out EDIT: I did not take this picture *RESPONSIBLE HAS PSN so in my opinion there could be more than just deathmachines.. or i could be wrong... *FREESPEECH > OPEN MINDEDNESS
  6. thats it dude! you nailed it. thats exactly right. *trollolol

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